ECW Hardcore TV – Episode #43 – 2/8/94

From the Network vault, it’s episode #43 of Eastern Championship Wrestling.

We kick things off with a video  clip: Saturday, February 5th, 1994: The Night the Line Was Crossed. Terry Funk, Sabu and Shane Douglas are receiving a standing ovation from the Philly crowd, as the ring announcer declares the match a draw.

Roll the opening credits!

Joey Styles is in the Eagle’s Nest, and declares the three-way match that ended in a 60-minute time limit draw the greatest match the country has ever seen in quite some time. I Christen Thee, Joseph “Joey” Schiavone! Joey says that later on we will be seeing some footage that is pretty graphic. I’ve seen the David Hasselhoff-cheeseburger video, so it better be more graphic than that, or I’ll be disappointed.

Match #1: Mikey Whipwreck vs. 911 (w/ Paul E. Dangerously).

911 grabs Mikey and chokelams him. 1…2…3!  DUD.

WINNER: 911. That’s his move! After the match, he chokeslams Mikey again. Paul taunts Mikey, then 911 chokeslams him a third time.

Video clip: On February 5th, the Line Was Crossed. Footage of a Bruise Brother slamming Rocco Rock on Joey’s announce table, and Joey freaking out. “ECW……It’s not a secret anymore!”.

Another video clip: On February 5th, the Line Was Crossed. Paul E. runs to the ring and nails Sherri Martel from behind with his phone, prompting Shane Douglas to attack Paul. “ECW….It’s not a secret anymore!”.

Back in the Eagle’s Nest, Joey promises footage of Shane Douglas and his dastardly ways.

Match #2: Chad Austin vs. Johnny Hotbody (w/ Tony Stetson).

Last week, in a match between these two, Hotbody was knocked unconscious by Austin, prompting this rematch. Stetson is taunting his own partner, getting Hotbody fired up. Lock up, and to the corner they go. Stetson mocking Hotbody by saying he let Austin knock him out. Hotbody retorts, and Austin tries a roll up off the distraction for 2. Whip off the ropes and Austin gets the hiptoss, and Hotbody bails to the floor. Now Hotbody and Stetson are arguing on the floor, while the referee counts. Back in, another lock up and to the ropes. Hotbody hits a forearm then goes back to arguing with Stetson. Austin tries a sunset flip for 2. Whip off the ropes and Austin hits a spinkick, and Hotbody bails to the floor again, where Stetson continues to ride him for letting Austin get the upper hand. “He’s a little kid!”. Back in, Austin slingshots him in and gets 2. Now Hotbody takes over with some forearms, then a whip off the ropes for a clothesline. Body slam for Hotbody, then a suplex is reversed by Austin for a roll up..1…2…3! *

WINNER: Chad Austin. Not much to see here, as it was really about Tony Stetson giving his partner a hard time about losing to Austin.

Video clip: On February 5th, the Line Was Crossed. Mike Awesome leaps over the top rope onto J.T. Smith on the floor, bending Smith back first over the guardrail. Yowch! “ECW…It’s not a secret anymore!”

Match #3: Pat Tanaka vs. Keith Shearer.

Joey informs us that Paul Diamond is still injured, so Tanaka goes the singles route for now. He offers Shearer a handshake, which Shearer obliges….until Tanaka turns his back and Shearer nails him from behind. Some punching in the corner for Shearer, then a suplex. Shearer drops the headbutt to the chest. Whip off the ropes, and clothesline puts Tanaka down. Shearer kicks him out to the floor, then follows him out. Shearer drops the arm across the guardrail, then presses Tanaka back into the ring. In the corner, some rights for Shearer. Tanaka then comes back with some chops and whip to the opposite corner. Sit out powerbomb for Tanaka. 1…2…3! *1/2

WINNER: Pat Tanaka. Tanaka takes a solid ass-whipping for a few minutes then hits one move to end it. Tanaka was better suited to tag team wrestling and taking the heat segment.

Video clip: On February 5th, the Line Was Crossed. Terry Funk with a sleeper on Shane Douglas with a sleeper on Sabu. “ECW…Secret No More It Is!”.

In the Eagle’s Nest, Joey throws it to Matty in the House. He’s backstage with the biggest story of the year. He has talked to a few of the witnesses of the incident between Terry Funk and Shane Douglas. Offering their opinions were J.T. Smith, Hunter Q. Robbins, Public Enemy (who give a hilarious account of past discretions involving stealing some stuff), Jason and Pat Tanaka. They all think Shane Douglas is a dick, man!

Hunter Q. Robbins III joins us to let us know that he is now managing Jimmy Snuka. “Isn’t that just…ducky.”

A pre-taped interview has Jimmy Snuka and Tommy Dreamer backstage with Jay Sulli. Dreamer tells Snuka that it’s a dream of his to get in the ring with Superfly, calling him a legend. Snuka takes it as Dreamer calling him old. “You’ve been wrestling since before I was alive.” Snuka tells Dreamer to remember……………and Snuka shows us that he’s a horrible interview, as he can’t even think of what he’s going to say. “The Superfly is always going to fly always.” Then he just barks, and calls Dreamer a punk. I think Snuka’s mind was on the dead body in his hotel room.

Joey let’s us know that the February 5th show will be available on home video, and you can pre-order by calling this number, and THE NUMBER IS BLURRED OUT. Damn it, I just bought one of those new-fangled TV/VCR combos and I sorely need a tape collection!

Match #4: Tommy Dreamer vs. Jimmy Snuka. 

Dreamer with a series of slams on Snuka, who bails to the floor. Crowd chanting “Piper, Piper” at Snuka. Back in the ring, lock up and Dreamer unloads some rights, then goes off the ropes and dives at Snuka, who moves, letting Tommy crash through the ropes to the floor. Snuka goes out and hits Dreamer with a chair across the back. Back in the ring, Snuka with a whip and a chop. Back breaker across the knee for Snuka. Snuka slowly goes to the top, and hits the splash. 1…2..kick out! A graphic comes on the screen, letting us know that Dreamer is the first man ever to survive the Superfly Splash. Really? Snuka continues to hammer on Dreamer, and then climbs the top again. A second Superfly splash. Snuka opts not to cover him, then climbs to the top again. A third splash hits! 1…2….3! **

WINNER: Jimmy Snuka. Dreamer is bleeding from the mouth, which MUST indicate he’s bleeding internally. Snuka hits a fourth splash, then attempts a fifth before Tod Gordon comes out to prevent it. Snuka hits Gordon with a double axehandle from the top. Now a few of the wrestlers come out from the back to call this off.

We get a Mike Awesome highlight video. I would be remiss in not mentioning that Mike Awesome got all of his powers from the mullet.

We come back to Joey Styles, backstage immediately after the 60-minute draw between Funk, Sabu and Douglas. Joey is with a beaten, bloodied Funk, he retained the ECW Heavyweight Championship in that match. Funk is in tears, as he states that he loves wrestling. He doesn’t think WCW or (muted) are worth a damn. He praises ECW for bringing the passion and the wrestling to the people. Cut to Shane Douglas and Sherri joining Joey and Tod Gordon. Douglas thinks he’s the uncrowned champion. Shane keeps getting bleeped, and then Funk rejoins the scene. He calls Douglas a fool. Shane retorts that Funk is a shell of his former self. Funk takes umbrage at Shane calling him an old man. Shane walked out under his own power, while Funk and Sabu were carried out. Funk is ready to hand over the title to Shane, who takes it. Shane fires it back at him, calling him a piece of BLEEP. Then the brawl is on. WE’RE OUT OF TIME!

The Post-Game Opinion: Good episode. The matches were short, but the main focus appeared to be on the fallout from The Night the Line Was Crossed. A nice angle at the end of the show between Funk and Douglas with good promo work from both. But, man….that Snuka needs to just retire, or get some sleep, or get indicted for murder or something. Thanks for reading, and watch out for another Old School review coming soon.