What’s going on with Cesaro?

I'm really having a hard time wrapping my head around Cesaro's direction – not that it's all bad, just confusing.

He has a babyface moveset and tends to win matches cleanly, but he's aligned with uber-heel Heyman and frequently exits the ring during his matches in a cowardly, heelish fashion. He wrestles faces, but does not cheat. Also, his new theme music has been universally disliked, yet he's now had it for four weeks, I believe.

I fear for him a little, since the fans are quieter during his matches now, because understandably, THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO RESPOND. Maybe I'm just having a hard time plugging into this enlightened "no heels, no faces, only still heels and faces" era. Any idea what the story is, here?

I don't know either.   My main thought coming off of the initial turn was that it didn't matter if he was heel or face as much as it mattered that he was elevated, but he's been stuck with Swagger since Wrestlemania.  Maybe they're building to him getting tired of Heyman's Brock speeches and turning for that match, but honestly that would be a waste of both guys.  You're right though, I definitely get the feeling there is no endgame here.