Between my obsession with WCW ppv from 88-92 and watching the Clashes, is there anyone more underrated as an all time performer ad Bobby Eaton?   He is half of (and workhorse of) the best pure tag team ever, and is probably the best high flyer of the 80s-early 90s, utilizing the missile dropkick, Alabama Jam, flying elbow, flying knee, and of course rocket launcher.  I'm just continually impressed each and every time.  But when a "best high flyer" convo starts it's Macho man and Steamboat and Luchadors like Rey and Eddie that dominate.   Where would you rate Bobby?

​As a worker he was smooth and practically flawless and understood the psychology of tag team wrestling better than almost anyone on the planet.  Just watch how he could shift from heel Midnight Express in 88 to getting the shit kicked out of him by the Road Warriors and draw giant heat on either side.  As a singles guy, he was great with the right opponent but limited when booked against, say, Joe Midcarder.  As a promo, not even in the conversation.  Of course he's one of my favorite guys ever as part of the Midnights, but I'm not like a giant Bobby Eaton fanboy or anything otherwise.  His team with AA was kind of dull, for example.   ​