Thoughts on David Schultz

Hey Scott,

What are your thoughts on Dr. D? I've watched some promos from the guy on YouTube and he actually seemed have a lot of talent and, as best as I can surmise, could have easily overtaken Piper or Orndorff for the Top Heel position if not for Stossel. Am I wrong on this? Was the 20/20 incident a turning point in his career or was D never going to be a big start in WWF?


​Well I mean the problem was that he was kind of a sociopath, so there was always an upper limit of what he could do in a mainstream promotion like the WWF, but he absolutely could have been a top heel with a big money run against Hogan for a good few months and guaranteed his own financial security for years to come.  And yes, the Stossel incident basically blackballed him from the business and he went back to bounty hunting or survivalist living or whatever he's up to now.  ​