The Heyman / Cornette beef

Hi Scott,

Long time, first time, etc… Is there a summary anywhere of the root cause of the Heyman and Cornette beef you mentioned in the Clash VI rant? My Google-fu is pointing to booking disputes focused on ECW's existence, which was obviously well after 1989, and doesn't explain the references to a banana that I've seen.

Thanks in advance,

Yeah, OK, the beef.  Essentially they didn't get along well in WCW but worked together, and the actual feud started when Paul poached the Gangstas away from SMW in the middle of a big push and all this bad blood came out between them.  Everything after that was basically stubborn refusal to bury the hatchet on both sides.  
The banana thing is old school RSPW urban legend supposedly regarding a videotape of Cornette doing stuff with a banana…weird stuff…butt stuff.  I believe Heyman picked at that thread in some shoot interviews as well to really give Cornette the gears.   I have not seen said tape and have no desire to do so.