QOTD 155: Somebody Call my Maaamaaaaa

Happy Mother’s Day Blog Otters. Lets talk about our Mommas. Or about other Mommas. Or MILFS, Mommas we’d like to funkify! Or just talk bout whatever you want. I don’t care.  Here’s a link to a cool game, Cart Life, that simulates being a Momma and is really fun! 
What’d you get your momma for Mother’s Day? 

Has your momma ever contributed in a direct or indirect way to your pro-wrestling fandom? 

What’s your favorite momma-related wrestling storyline or character? Remember Shelton’s momma? Good God. 

Have you ever found Parallax in bed with your Momma? It’s okay if you have, you’re among friends here. 

As a side note I’ve gotten 4 “Happy Mother’s Day” calls at work today thinking I was a momma.

Anyway – for Mother’s day I got Last Vegas for my mom, who I believe has a secret crush on Kevin Kline.

My favorite wrestling related Momma is the May Young / Hand cameo from Raw 1000

My Mom purchased me Have a Nice Day for Christmas and I was never the same again,

And no. No I haven’t.