Place to Be Nation Friday Update

Catching you up on the week that was at PTBN. Have a great weekend!

Highlighted Piece:  

Is WWE’s roster too stacked? Ben & Andrew think so and take part in redrafting the entire company, including NXT: The 2014 WWE Draft


Mike Mears discusses the changing landscape of WWE: The (WWE) Times They Are A-Changin’

The PTB Staff counts down their favorite WrestleMania rematches: The Five Count: WrestleMania Rematches

Matt recaps Extreme Rules 2014: Matt’s Last Look – Extreme Rules 2014


Justin, Jen & Chrissy reminisce about Saved by the Bell: We Miss the 90s – Saved by the Bell

Josh Richer looks at hypocrisy surrounding the illegality of certain plant based substances: It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Nick & Greg look at Batman: The Animated Series: Hard-Traveling Fanboys: Countdown (Batman: The Animated Series Episodes)

Joel Barnhart questioned why MLB attacked baseball related podcasts: MLB-Podcast War


Steve Corino talks Extreme Rules, Wendy’s, Mother’s Day, John Cena & more: Steve Corino Show – Episode Three

Scott & Justin were joined by Steve, Roger & Chad to watch Monday Night Raw 1/11/93 & 1/18/93: Place to Be Podcast Episode 310: Network Live Watch – Monday Night Raw 1/11/93 & 1/18/93

Chad & Parv recap WrestleWar 1991 : Where the Big Boys Play – WrestleWar 1991