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How Does the Company View Daniel Bryan?

Right now, there are those in the company who believe that the “Yes” chant is over and not Daniel Bryan and that his popularity peaked at WrestleMania. Most expect that he will cool off and fall out of a top position. They also view Bryan as the “model citizen” as he does not fight over the creative direction of his character, which is what a majority of the stars in the company do with the creative team.

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Original Plans for Payback

Originally, the plan was to have Daniel Bryan defend his title against Batista. However, Batista turned down the idea, because he would have lost twice in a row to Bryan before leaving to do promotional work for the film. This is why he is leaving earlier than expected as they have no other plans for him.

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WWE Possibly Bringing Ric Flair Back Full-Time?

According to a source, Mike Johnson of reports that there is a deal on the table for Flair to return to a near full-time role on television. However, Flair would have to get all of his legal and health issues in check before a deal will be offered.

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Stipulation Added to Extreme Rules Match

The three-way between RVD, Cesaro, and Jack Swagger will be under elimination rules