QOTD 149: I was Wrong, Hooray!

I don’t wanna blow smoke up anyone’s ass, but The Amazing Spider-man 2 is pretty goddamn awesome.

The scene depicted toward the left is probably the coolest, cheesiest, most-uplifting, bad-ass thing I’ve seen in a Spider-man movie.

Heck, during Spider-man and Electro’s first fight, Electro’s inner monologue turns into a dubstep song about killing Spidey.

What’s nuts is that it all works really well, and I HATED the first movie. Even better – at one point I predicted this movie would end in the way I thought it would, but I actually liked how they pulled it off here.


Have you ever been happily proven wrong about a pro-wrestler, wrestling match, PPV, or match type? What about a series you expected to hate but ended up enjoying, or a book you had to read in school, etc?