NXT – May 1, 2014

Date: May 1, 2014
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Tom
Phillips, William Regal, Byron Saxton
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
We’ve got a big show to
build towards now, meaning things should start coming together in the
near future. On top of that we’ve got a challenge from Adam Rose to
face Camacho at some point in the future, which isn’t a terrible idea
for an opponent for Rose, especially when he’ll be in WWE very soon.
Let’s get to it.

HHH is in the ring to
open the show to talk about how awesome NXT is and how much of an
impact it’s having on WWE with people like Paige. The fans think
this is awesome. You can tell when this was taped as HHH has a sore
throat. Taking over WWE is a good idea, so on May 27, there will be
a two hour special called NXT Takeover.
Opening sequence.
Tyson Kidd vs. Bo
Bo has new music.
Feeling out process to start as the fans chant for Total Divas of all
things. Dallas grabs a headlock but Tyson fights out and sends him
into the corner for a dropkick. A suplex looks to set up a missile
dropkick but Bo rolls outside before anything can happen. Dallas
takes over with a dropkick for two as the fans are singing He’s Got
The Whole World In His Hands. An elbow drop gets two for Dallas and
we hit the cravate.
Tyson fights up with
elbows but misses a dropkick of his own to give Bo a two. Back to
the cravate as the announcers actually talk about the history of the
two wrestlers in the ring. Like actual commentary you might say.
Tyson fights up again but charges into an elbow in the corner. Now
the fans chant for Tyson Kidd as he comes back with kicks to the ribs
and one to the head for two. A belly to belly gets two for Dallas
and a bulldog gets the same as frustration is setting in. Tyson goes
up top but gets crotched down, only to kick Dallas in the head,
setting up the Blockbuster for the pin at 7:20.
Rating: C.
Nice little match here as Kidd’s push in NXT continues. The guy has
the skills to make it work and a good finisher so I can’t complain
much about him getting this much time in the ring. Dallas is heading
to WWE and it makes perfect sense at this point as there’s nothing
left for him to do here anymore.
fans are all over Dallas and sing the Goodbye song as he freaks out
even more.
says his parties are better than Adam Rose’s. Adam comes up and
calls Camacho a silly little rabbit and says it doesn’t matter if
it’s NXT, WWE, NYC or Hawaii, it’s party time all the time when Adam
Rose is around. A party breaks out.
are the brackets for the Women’s Title tournament.
says winning the title is more important than ten hugs from John
promises to beat the smile out of Bayley.
Women’s Title
Tournament First Round: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks
Sasha drives shoulders
into the corner to start but gets rolled up for a quick two. A
backslide and second rollup get two each for Bayley and she comes off
the middle rope into an armdrag. Bayley hugs Sasha in the corner and
throws in a slap for good measure before a suplex gets two.
Banks sends her into
the corner as Regal picks Alicia Fox as the favorite for the
tournament. A very high backdrop gets two for Bayley and some
running ax handles put Banks down again. The Belly to Bayley
connects but Sasha gets in the ropes. Bankrupt gets two for Banks
but she comes back with a backstabber and a modified crossface for
the submission at 4:00.
Rating: C.
The match wasn’t bad and Banks got to show off that she could
actually wrestle a decent match under the right circumstances.
Bayley is improving as well as she’s got the character down perfectly
and is starting to be able to back it up in the ring as well. This
was good for NXT standards, meaning it would be better than most
Divas matches.
look at Brodus Clay’s heel turn and attacks on Neville.
Rose vs. Danny Burch
Regal apparently got to
go to one of Rose’s parties recently. Tom: “Why didn’t I get
invited?” Regal: “No one likes you.” Burch shoves him into
the corner to start but Rose prances around to get on his nerves.
Rose is all ticked off and destroys Burch before finishing him off
with a kind of facebuster called the Party Stopper for the pin at
Post match the party
comes out but Camacho sneaks in and destroys a masked man.
Brodus says he’s
destroying Adrian Neville tonight because he’s the baddest man in the
Women’s Title
Tournament First Round: Natalya vs. Layla
Layla says she’s
getting what she wants like she always does. Natalya takes over to
start but Layla pulls the hair and kicks Natalya in the ribs for two.
We hit a double arm crank for a bit before Natalya fights up, only
to be pulled right back down to the mat. Back to the arm crank until
Natalya fights up and nails a snap suplex. A clothesline looks to
set up the Sharpshooter and the second attempt works for the
submission from Layla at 3:23.
Rating: D+.
This didn’t have the time to go anywhere but Natalya is a good choice
to push in the tournament. She’s a veteran and somehow one of the
older Divas on the roster, despite being 31 years old. Layla is
there for her looks but she’s not terrible in the ring at the same
time. Natalya winning dominantly at the end was the right call
Neville’s teeth are back and he’ll win tonight, but not by countout.
Rawley vs. Oliver Grey
runs him over in the corner to start and Hyperdrive ends Grey at
Post match Aiden
English comes down and tells Rawley to get out of his ring. English
jumps Rawley and is quickly dispatched.
NXT Title: Brodus
Clay vs. Adrian Neville
No DQ and Clay is
challenging. Clay tries to grab the title and gets elbowed in the
head. A low bridge sends him to the floor and Adrian dives on him as
the opening bell rings. Back in and Adrian fires off kicks but can’t
launch the Red Arrow. Adrian is sent hard into the corner as Clay
takes over with a running splash. Fans: “PLEASE DON’T EAT HIM!”
A suplex and elbow drop get two on Neville and it’s time to work on
the ribs.
Clay throws him over
his shoulder for a backbreaker but Adrian rakes the eyes to escape.
Some kicks to the head don’t do much to Clay so he powerbombs Neville
in half. A middle rope splash connects for two and Regal is in
shock. Clay goes to the floor and grabs the belt but Adrian kicks it
into his chest, setting up the Red Arrow to retain the title at 5:30.
Rating: C+.
Regal treats it like a huge win and great performance which is a
stretch but the kickouts and heart Neville showed were nice touches.
This gets rid of Clay as a big challenger which is the right idea as
they have a ton of time before the big match at the live special.
Not bad here and it makes Neville look like he’ll never quit.
Overall Rating: B-.
Good show this week as they covered almost everything they have going
on outside of Sami Zayn. I’m guessing the six man tag last week was
the blowoff for that feud, which is fine as it wasn’t doing much for
either guy anyway. The live special should be good as they have time
to build it up.
Tyson Kidd b. Bo Dallas
– Blockbuster
Sasha Banks b. Bayley –
Adam Rose b. Danny
Burch – Party Stopper
Mojo Rawley b. Oliver
Grey – Hyperdrive
Adrian Neville b.
Brodus Clay – Red Arrow
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