Foley on Cena

Hi Scott,

Hope all is well. Check out Foley's comments on last night's Cena/Bray segment:

"But, as good as it was, I could not fully enjoy the brilliant, chilling segment – one of the most memorable things I've seen on Raw in tears, because of …because of…because of those WRISTBANDS! Because of those wristbands…and the HAT! AND the bright green FLUORESCENT SHIRT! …. I couldn't help but feel that "He's trying to sell me something". Every time he waved his cap, I thought, "he's trying to sell me a hat." Every time he walks through that curtain, I get the feeling he's trying to sell me something."  

Foley is right! How can anyone take this storyline (or any Cena storyline) seriously when all you ever think when you see Cena on screen is that he's become a neon sign for new merchandise.  Your thoughts???
​He's doing a hell of a job, judging by his merchandise sales.  ​