The Rougeau Brothers as heels

Hey Scott,

The Rougeau Brothers, once they turned heel in 88, really seemed to get over and got alot of crowd heat, and always cut hilarious promos, and promos that at least to me, made you want to see the babyface team wipe the mat with them.

Were they ever considered for a tag title run during that time?  Or did the heat from the Dynamite Kid incident haunt them the rest of there run?  

Well the heat was all on Dynamite for that.  Most people seemed to think that Jacques was justified in finally putting Kid in his place.  I think that Ray was wanting out by that time, however, due to age and injuries and such.   So there wasn't gonna be much of a long term place for them anyway.  I think that today they would have at least gotten a Too Cool cup of coffee with the belts, but it was a different time in the 80s.