Lightning Round: Tag Teams

Hey Scott.
Just watching some classic tag team wrestling on the WWE Network and wanted to know the best matches of the following:

The Midnight Express Condrey & Eaton:  Against the Rock N Roll Express, really take your pick.  Eaton & Lane:  Against the Southern Boys at Bash 90. 
The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express Again, they had dozens of near-***** matches with the original Midnights.  I don’t think any are archived on the Network as of yet.  For the definitive Ricky Morton, check out RNR v. Andersons at Starrcade 86, where he gets the everloving fuck beaten out of him by the Andersons for like 20 minutes and it’s just awesome. 
Road Warriors Great matches were not really their thing.  To say the least.  Their title match against Tully & Arn at Starrcade 87 was damn good.  The scaffold match against the Midnights is pretty legendary, although not really my cup of tea.  I could wuss out and pick a Wargames, but I’m gonna go with the title win over the Midnights in 88. 
Blanchard and Anderson That is like asking me to choose between my children.  I’ll go with either of the Luger/Windham title switches because both were awesome for totally different reasons. 
The Freebirds Whatever their final match as a team ended up being. 
The Fantastics They had a ***** match against the Midnights in 88 where they won the US tag titles on Worldwide, and if you want a good approximation of it you can watch the rematch at Bash 88, which for me is a mere ****3/4.  They also had a brawl with the Sheepherders that Meltzer gave ***** to. 
The Hart Foundation They were never really a top level match quality team (that was more Bret & Owen’s deal) but they had some really spectacular matches with the Bulldogs in their prime.  The 2/3 falls match on SNME is probably the easiest to find, but there’s some house show matches on the MSG shows that will rock your shit.  In the 90-91 Harts rebirth they had some great matches with the Rockers, too. 
British Bulldogs Really, they self-destructed too soon to truly hit their potential, but I’m always fond of their matches with the Harts.  Also, they did a couple of runs in Japan that were supposed to be great, although I’ve never seen the matches in question. 
Thanks for your help.