Cutting the Cord

Hey Scott,
Longtime reader/fan. After reading on your blog about cutting the cable cord, I decided to take the plunge today. I was so excited to call Comcast and cut the cord. I bought a Roku and signed up for Hulu Plus. I set everything up and everything is working great. However, I am freaking out a bit now after finding out on the FCC website that a digital antenna will be useless to me because all the signals for the broadcast networks are either weak or no signal at all in my area. I want to be able to watch the NFL in the fall! I really don't want to call my cable back and have to renew my cable just to get the big broadcast networks. I hoping my fellow BOD readers can help me with this? What should I do? I thought for sure I'd be able to get HD broadcast channels for free using an antenna. I live in a city, its not like I'm out in the backwoods somewhere. Please help with some suggestions anyone. Crawl back to Comcast and get just basic cable? Any other option to get HD broadcast channels? Thanks Scott.
​Pfff.  Try living in Saskatchewan, where you get 2 channels over the air and neither of them show hockey. ​