NXT – April 24, 2014

Date: April 24, 2014
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Jason
Albert, Alex Riley, Rich
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
We’re getting closer to
the next live special which has been announced for the end of May.
That makes me think we’re going to get done with Brodus challenging
Adrian for the title soon as he feels like little more than a
placeholder challenger. Other than that it’s hard to see what’s
coming as NXT jumps around a lot. We should be getting Sami vs.
Graves soon though. Let’s get to it.

We open with Paige in
the back with both titles. She runs into NXT GM JBL though and he
has to strip her of the NXT Women’s Title because of the schedule
that comes with being Divas Champion. Paige protests but JBL has
already set up a tournament for the title. He says hopefully someone
will be able to step up and reach her level and that’s enough for her
to hand the title over.
Opening sequence.
Alexander Rusev vs.
Travis Tyler
Tyler hits a quick
dropkick and is promptly run over with a clothesline. The knees to
the back set up a fall away slam (looked more like a Samoan drop) and
some hard elbows to the chest are good for two. Rusev
hits his slam and wins with the Accolade in 1:35.
We go backstage as Adam
Rose’s party brings him in for an interview. Rose thinks Camacho is
boring and would love to fight him anytime. The party dances and
shouts that they’re Rosebuds.
vs. Emma/Paige
is a mystery partner and her entrance is cut for some reason. Emma
runs over Sasha to start before it’s off to Charlotte who takes a
monkey flip for two. A
double suplex gets two more on Charlotte but she cranks on the ankle
to take over. Paige throws Charlotte down by the hair and brings
Emma in again but Charlotte flips out of another monkey flip. Sasha
comes in off a blind tag and runs Emma down to take over.
Back to Charlotte for a
figure four neck lock,
complete with a forward roll to slam Emma down onto the mat. Emma
avoids an elbow drop and it’s a double tag to Paige and Banks. The
champ cleans house and hits a running dropkick until Charlotte takes
out the knee. Everything breaks down and Charlotte hits her flipping
faceplant for the pin at 5:54.
Rating: C-.
Not a bad match here but I don’t get why you need Paige to get pinned
when she’s already been stripped of the title. This would seem to
point to Charlotte as the next champion. That’s fine in theory, but
wouldn’t it make more sense to have her beat Paige with Sasha’s help
if they’re ok with Paige getting pinned?
Kidd vs. Mason Ryan
Better Than Batista chants begin as Mason shoves Kidd away with ease.
Mason doesn’t seem to be a heel here. Kidd kicks away at the legs
to little effect as Ryan slams him down. A legdrop gets two on Kidd
but he takes out the knees again to take over. Off to a front
facelock until Mason powers up and hits a Warrior press slam drop for
two. Mason charges into a boot in the corner though and the
Blockbuster gives Tyson the pin at 3:19.
Rating: C-.
It’s just a power vs. speed match but Kidd is fun to watch and Mason
did a decent enough job as a guy for Kidd to bounce off of. I’ve
always liked the Blockbuster as a finisher and it’s a good move for a
guy that can pull off a good flip like Kidd. This was more
entertaining than I was expecting.
says this is his rebirth and says he’ll brawl when people want to
fight and soar when people want to fly. NXT is the opportunity
people have been wanting and he’s taking his shot.
Breeze vs. Angelo Dawkins
looks like JTG but also has headphones and a backpack. He
also dances a lot because that’s what wrestlers do anymore. Dawkins
is a former amateur wrestling champion and takes Breeze down with a
quick rollup for two but Breeze slaps on a chinlock to take over.
right hands set up the Beauty Shot and Tyler gets the pin at 2:00.
look at Brodus Clay jumping Adrian Neville in the back after their
match last week and knocking out some of his teeth.
Graves/Ascension vs. Usos/Sami Zayn
uppercuts Viktor down to start before it’s off to Zayn vs. Graves.
Corey circles around but tags off to Konnor instead of getting
involved. It’s
back to Graves almost immediately and the brawl is on again. Viktor
sneaks back in off a blind tag and kicks Sami’s knee to take over.
drags him back into the corner though and Jey comes in with some
pair of elbows get two on Viktor and he makes the mistake of ramming
their heads together. It sends the Usos into a dance sequence and a
double right hand drops Viktor again. Sami
comes back in with a top rope shot to the shoulder and it’s OLE time.
drops an elbow to the arm but allows the tag to Konnor who nails the
flapjack as we take a break.
with Konnor
running Jey over again and getting two off a hard elbow to the face.
We hit the chinlock until Graves comes in with a gordbuster for two.
Off to another chinlock into a front facelock with Graves driving Jey
into the corner for a tag off to Viktor. Jey
and Viktor trade chops with the power guy getting the better of it
for two. Back
to the chinlock for a bit until Jey slams him down but Konnor breaks
up the tag attempt. Jey finally escapes and brings in Jimmy to clean
house as everything breaks down.
kicks Graves in the face and Sami gets two off a top rope cross body.
The running boot in the corner is countered but the Blue Thunder
Bomb is good for two. A double clothesline puts the Ascension on the
floor and there’s the boot in the corner to Graves. Sami and Jimmy
dive on Ascension as Jey hits the Superfly Splash for the pin on
Graves at 12:30 shown of 16:00.
I liked this one quite a bit with Sami FINALLY getting a win that
means something, even though he didn’t get the pin. I also like that
they didn’t have the Ascension take the fall which leaves a door open
for Ascension vs. Usos down the line. Good stuff here and hopefully
this ends Sami vs. Corey.
Overall Rating: C+.
This felt like a bigger show than it was with the main event being a
highlight. We’re setting up Neville vs. Clay II, a tournament, a new
guy looking good in Tyson Kidd and wrapping up Sami vs. Graves.
That’s quite a good piece of work for under fifty three minutes,
which is where NXT gets to shine. Fun and solid show this week that
felt like the NXT of old.
Alexander Rusev b.
Travis Tyler – Accolade
BFFs b. Paige/Emma –
Flipping faceplant to Paige
Tyson Kidd b. Mason
Ryan – Blockbuster
Tyler Breeze b. Angelo
Dawkins – Beauty Shot
Usos/Sami Zayn b. Corey
Graves/Ascension – Superfly Splash to Graves
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