Monday Nitro – November 30, 1998

Nitro #165
Date: November 30, 1998
Location: UTC Arena,
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Commentators: Bobby
Heenan, Larry Zbyszko, Tony Schiavone
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
We close out November
here with a fairly big show. The main event for tonight is Page
defending the US Title against Bret Hart despite being banged up as
usual. Other than that we’re heading towards Starrcade so we’re
likely to get more build between Goldberg and Nash, which hasn’t
really set the world on fire yet. Let’s get to it.

No Tenay tonight due to
illness so Tony and Larry talk run down the card, including a
contract signing for Nash vs. Goldberg. This brings us to Hogan on
the Tonight Show on Thanksgiving night where he officially announces
he’s running for President. He likes a flat tax apparently.
We go to the back and
see the NWO limo arriving with Scott Steiner leading the way. They
come out to the ring where Bischoff declares Scott Steiner as the new
leader of the Black and White. Steiner says Hogan made it official
in LA and talks about his physique for a bit. Tonight the first
order of business is taking care of Scott Hall, so it’s Hall/a
parnter vs. Steiner/Horace.
Nitro Girls.
TV Title: Chris
Jericho vs. Konnan
Jericho is defending.
Konnan sends him to the apron
to start and Jericho immediately complains about a hair pull. Back
in and we hit the armbar on the champion before Jericho comes back
with a running clothesline. Konnan will have none of this being on
defense stuff and hits a seated dropkick, only to be caught in a hot
shot. A springboard dropkick puts Konnan on the floor and Chris
follows him out with a great looking plancha.
Back in and Jericho
dives into Konnan’s boot before a fisherman’s suplex gets two. The
Lionsault gets two for the champion but the Liontamer is too close to
the ropes. With nothing else working, Jericho tries to cheat by
bringing in the belt. Ralphus’ distraction doesn’t work though and
an X Factor onto the belt gives Konnan the title.
Not much here but a title change is always a good way to fire up a
crowd. It’s about time the Wolfpack got some gold. That being said,
it’s a bad idea overall with the midcard scene picking up and now
another title is locked into the NWO stories. Jericho didn’t do much
here and unfortunately that’s likely to be a trend for him in the
coming months.
Wolfpack comes out to celebrate and we see Konnan’s music video.
brings out Flair for a chat. Flair is in serious mode tonight and
says that he’s talking like a man so Bischoff will hear it. Just
because someone gets old doesn’t mean that they’re great. Flair
lists off a bunch of names like Hogan, the Andersons, the Road
Warriors and Wahoo McDaniel made Bischoff the man he is. Now Flair
is mad at Windham for what he did last week, but he hates Bischoff.
wants a piece of Bischoff anytime anywhere.
Party winner.
Hall in an Outsiders shirt to say that he’ll fight the NWO on his own
tonight. Kevin Nash comes out and says if Hall needs a partner,
he’ll be Scott’s Huckleberry.
vs. Scott Armstrong/Steve Armstrong
is sitting in the corner to start against Scott and we appear to be
in an angle instead of a match. Kanyon
and Raven argue about Raven’s mom for some reason but Kanyon gets
jumped from behind by Scott to really get things going. The
brothers’ advantage is short lived though as Kanyon fights back with
a nice faceplant but stops to argue with Raven. A Flatliner lays out
Steve but goes to yell even more, allowing Scott to roll Kanyon up
for the big upset.
#2 begins.
Bret Hart for a chat with Gene. Bret says he’s badly hurt tonight
and can’t face Page for the US Title tonight even though that’s what
Bret wanted to do. This brings Page out through the crowd to say the
word SCUM a lot and call Bret a liar because Bret issued the
challenge in the first place. Hart doesn’t have his gear so he
insists on it being a No DQ match tonight. Page agrees to what
sounds like a ruse.
Title: Billy Kidman vs. Eddie Guerrero
is defending. Feeling out process to start until Eddie makes the
mistake of slapping the champion and gets dropkicked for his efforts.
A headscissors puts Eddie down again and a dropkick sends him to the
floor. Kidman is sent into the steps to give Guerrero his first
advantage and crushes him between the steps and post for good
measure. Back in and the slingshot hilo gets two as we take a break.
with Eddie cranking on the champ’s arm and wrapping it on the top.
He gets crotched loading up the frog splash but blocks a top rope
Frankensteiner. Back down and Eddie’s powerbomb is countered into a
faceplant (duh) followed by the lifting powerbomb for two.
Cruiserweights use a lot of powerbombs the more I think about it.
comes back with a tornado DDT but ANOTHER powerbomb is countered into
another faceplant. The champ drops Eddie with a superplex but the
referee goes down at the same time. This brings out Juvy to help his
boss but Mysterio comes out to dropkick Eddie (also his boss) in the
back, setting up the Shooting Star to retain the title.
Rating: C.
Good stuff as usual from these guys but I’m not sure where this story
is going. We get that Mysterio hates being in the LWO and Eddie
knows that Mysterio hates being in the LWO and will cost the LWO
matches, so why does he insist on Rey being in the LWO and not use
the LWO army to destroy Mysterio? At least the matches are good
Bam Bigelow is here with a ticket.
are Eric Bischoff and Barry Windham with something to say. Eric
talks about going to Cody, Wyoming where he heard a lot of people
wanting Hogan to be President. We get a little campaign speech
before Bischoff calls out Dean Malenko. He gets the Horsemen minus
Flair on the stage and Malenko alone in the ring. Tonight it’s going
to be Malenko vs. Windham and if Dean wins, Flair gets to face
Bischoff. Dean says it’s on but Eric has one more idea: Dusty Rhodes
is going to be guest referee. Big Dust comes out but Malenko won’t
shake his hand.
Girls and Heenan at the booth.
vs. Bobby Blaze
squash with Wrath winning in less than a minute but the magic just
isn’t there anymore.
is still in the crowd.
Ernest Miller, flanked by Sonny Onoo, to issue his open challenge to
the crowd. This brings out Perry Saturn who says that he’ll have a
try. Miller says that Saturn is clearly weak due to losing to Sonny
on Sunday, so he’ll have to beat Sonny to get a piece of the Cat.
Saturn vs. Sonny Onoo
get the karate
poses from Onoo but Saturn plants him down with a powerbomb, only to
have Miller break up the pin. The distraction lets Glacier run in
with a Cryonic Kick to Saturn to give Sonny two. Miller throws in a
chain to Onoo but Sonny takes the Death Valley Driver. Somehow he
slips the chain into Saturn’s tights though and the referee sees it
for a DQ, giving Sonny the win. Someone tell me why putting Saturn
in this feud is a good idea. I’d love to hear this rationale.
see Goldberg get out of a limo and come to the ring for the contract
signing with Nash. Both guys sign with no issues and Goldberg
doesn’t have to defend until Starrcade. Bigelow tries to jump the
railing but it doesn’t go anywhere.
Enos vs. Booker T
easily takes him down to start and nails the forearm and a superkick.
Enos catches him charging into a hot shot though before knocking
Booker out to the floor with a clothesline. Another
hot shot onto the barricade has Booker in trouble but he comes back
inside with a spinwheel kick, the ax kick and the Harlem Sidekick,
followed by a kind of spinebuster for the quick pin.
is in the parking lot and wants Goldberg to come fight him.
Adams vs. Lex Luger
out process to start as Tony talks about the Mark Curtis Benefit Show
last night. Luger runs over Adams with ease a few times but gets his
neck snapped across the top rope to give not-Crush the advantage. A
clothesline puts Luger on the floor so Vincent can earn his paycheck
for the night. Back in and Luger makes a quick comeback and nails
the forearm but Adams’ feet take the referee down as he’s loaded into
the Rack. The NWO nails Luger with a chair and spike piledriver for
two before we get Lex’s real comeback. He knocks Adams into the
chair despite Adams putting the brakes on, setting up the Rack to
Just a dull match here without anything of interest. This is the
same as the LWO but slightly less confusing. What exactly are we
heading to with this NWO war? They’ve been fighting for over six
months now and there’s nothing changing about any of the fights. At
least Luger is beating the guys he should be beating though.
Windham vs. Dean Malenko
Dean wins, Flair gets Bischoff at some point. NWO member Dusty Rhodes
is referee, Barry is in jeans and Dean is coming in with a bad knee.
Dean wins an early slugout and we head to the floor for a chase but
Dusty yells at Dean for a distraction, allowing Barry to take over.
A gutwrench suplex and elbow to the jaw drop Malenko and Dusty is
right in his face to ask if he wants to give it up.
avoids an elbow drop and heads up, only to be slammed right down onto
the bad knee. Some elbows to the knee have Dean in even more trouble
and Barry slams the leg down on the apron. Barry stays on the leg
with kicks to the thigh as Dean is in the ropes…..AND THAT’S A
DQ??? Dusty calls for the bell and raises Dean’s hand as the
announcers are in shock.
Rating: D+.
The match didn’t have time to go anywhere but was much more about the
angle than the action. It’s nice to see someone finally changing
over to WCW as at times it seems WCW doesn’t even exist anymore other
than as a place for the NWOs to fight each other. Also Dusty being
in the NWO just didn’t work.
match Bischoff runs out to fire Dusty as the Horsemen come out to
beat the tar out of Windham. Eric gets out before Flair can get to
Hogan/Scott Steiner vs. Outsiders
Outsiders do the Rock Paper Scissors to determine who starts against
Horace. The NWO referee is in there as well. Hall nails the driving
shoulders and puts on an armbar, only to walk into a hard
clothesline. A hiptoss is countered into a chokeslam from Hall but
it’s off to Scott Steiner. It’s Steiner with a muscle clothesline
and a fast count is good for two. A butterfly suplex gets the same
for Steiner on the other Scott but Steiner charges into a boot in the
middle rope bulldog gets two for Hall but the referee counts VERY
slowly. Steiner comes back with a low blow but Nash saves Hall from
some Horace choking. Back
in and Horace stomps away and gets two off a backbreaker and splash.
We hit the front facelock for a bit until Hall fights up and makes
the tag to Nash. The NWO referee doesn’t count it but Nash comes in
anyway and cleans house until Hall hits the Edge on Horace. No count
of course so Nash Jackknifes the referee and a WCW referee comes in
for the pin. Nash walks out as soon as the pin goes down.
Another angle instead of a match here and Nash running off was
interesting. I’m not sure where Steiner went after the hot tag but
it fits the idea of the NWO wanting to run away from a real fight.
The fans were really excited about the idea of the Outsiders being
back together again, which is why I doubt it’s going to keep
barrels through the doors and heads outside to fight Bigelow. They
go at it in the parking lot until security breaks it up. That’s not
good enough for Goldberg though as he fights away and spears Bigelow
Title: Bret Hart vs. Diamond Dallas Page
is challenging and this is No DQ. Hart
is in street clothes and isn’t sure about locking up to start. Page
takes him into the corner but lets him go, allowing Bret to get in a
low blow to take over. Choking and eye raking ensues until Page
sends him into the corner for a hard stomping. Bret gets caught in
the Figure Four around the post until the Giant makes the save. A
chokeslam puts Page down in the ring and a chokeslam from the top
rope (pretty much the same as a regular chokeslam) sets up the
Sharpshooter for the knock out win, giving Bret the title back.
Rating: D+.
This is a hard one to rate as it was exciting while it lasted but the
match isn’t even four and a half minutes long with Giant being out
there for about a minute and a half of that. Not much to see here
though as this feud just keeps going. Hopefully this wraps things up
Overall Rating: C-.
This was a show about setting up matches for the future which is what
matters as we head into the biggest show of the year. The contract
signing was nothing though and it felt more like the Outsiders
reunion was bigger than anything with Goldberg. Flair vs. Bischoff
looks more like the main event for Starrcade, despite it not even
being official yet. It’s not a bad show, but it sets up stuff for
the future which is a rare thing in WCW.
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