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Updated Information About the Undertaker Losing at WrestleMania

Here is an excerpt from today’s Wrestling Observer:
A major misconception, which we got into a few weeks ago, regarding the end of the streak is that it was Undertaker’s call to end it. It is almost surely true that if he didn’t want to have it ended, he could have put up a fight and it most likely would not have happened, so to an extent, that’s true. Undertaker was scheduled to go over in the match until some point a few days before the match, when Vince McMahon changed his mind, based on Undertaker’s physical condition and the feeling that there was a good chance this was his last match. At that point the decision was made. The mentality apparently was that if the streak was ever going to be broken and they were going to have that shock moment people will talk about forever, it’s either now or never and he chose now. Lesnar just happened to be the opponent at the time, even though Undertaker apparently in 2010 had considered the idea of losing to Lesnar at Mania in 2011 to build for a longer program. But Lesnar in 2010, when that talk was going on, and Lesnar in 2014, are at very different cultural levels. As far as Undertaker’s reaction when Vince suggested it, only he and McMahon know for sure. One friend of his said he was talked into it, but another person very close to the situation said that he didn’t argue the decision.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Original WrestleMania Plans for Sheamus

Sheamus, who originally was scheduled to wrestle Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania, was supposed to turn heel before the show. 
Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Rey Mysterio Update

Mysterio is currently out of action with a hand injury.
Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newslettter

Ring of Honor Announces Lineup for Their 5/17 Show in New York City 

The card features talent from New Japan

RF Video Releases Shoot Interview with Nova