Worst Booked PPV Main Event?

Hello Mr. Keith!

I was reminded the other day that the KOTR 2001 main event was built around the tag champions Jericho and Benoit losing their belts to the Dudleyz and defending World Champion Austin getting into a two-week feud with Spike Dudley.

Has there been a PPV main event with a worse build?

 I'm sure there's a few CAN'T PUT CENA IN A VULNERABLE POSITION shows (like Cena vs. Miz I Quit, with Cena beating up Miz, Riley and Swagger in the same show) and the Survivor Series 2009 main event (that I think maybe got one week build).

Would be interested in your (and The Blog's) views.


Maffew, The Guy From The Comments Section

​Oh man, that DX v. Cena Survivor Series? TURRIBLE!  A couple of comedy segments and nothing else.  Just awful.  
I'd also vote for Fall Brawl 99, where the booking team was in flux and they literally didn't know what they were going to put as the main event until the Thunder before the PPV, when it was revealed to be Hogan v. Sting for some reason.  There was also a TNA PPV last year (or 2012 maybe?) where it was (Aries? Roode?) suddenly getting challenged by AJ Styles three days before the PPV in the last segment of the show.   It was redonkulous.  Yes, I said redonkulous.   ​