Rumble World Title Matches & Tag-Team Wrestler getting title shots

Good evening Mr. Keith.  2 More Observations as I stroll randomly through shows on the Network:

Royal Rumble: Since the Rumble itself is the REAL selling point, why bother wasting a title match that has two PPV headliners itself (like Cena/Orton for example)?  What i would focus on is really stacking the deck of stars for the rumble itself and making it as best as you possibly can, maybe making the winner less predictable.  And what i would do with the title match, is using that 15-20 mins time and give it too a solid mid carder or a star on the rise and while it would be unlikely he'd win, it would be some good exposure.  I would say a good example is Bret/Razor, even though Razor was in that star-powered 92 Survivor Series tag match.  And this year, put Cena in the Rumble, let a Kofi( i know, i know, awesome close eliminations) or a Langston do their thing with Orton

Whatever happened to a solid tag-team wrestler getting a world title shot just for the fun of it? Remember Morton vs. Flair(i wish i had better examples, i know there are).  I love the Bryan vs. Authority , but it doesn't have to be involved in every single match from here to whatever ppv, eh, err, "special" that goes on, especially with B & C Shows of Smackdown and Main Event.  Give one of the Uso's a 15 minute match with Bryan, it'd sure be a worthwhile way to kill one of the dozens of matches that happen in your 4-5 week in-between PPV time without making the world title feud you got going seem overdone (which they do i think mostly).

Keep up the good work and NHL Playoff Predictions? I'm rooting for St. Louis, thinking Boston takes it all, calling Dallas the sleeper 

​I have no dog in the Stanley Cup fight this year.  As long as it's not Boston or Chicago, it's fine with me.  
The Usos are a weird case, given that Jimmy exists in an alternate universe on Total Divas that they completely ignore on the main shows, where he has a personality and character and everything.  Given how the show is insanely high rated for what it is, you'd think they would try to tie in with it and bring viewers across as much as they can.  And yet the Usos are still featured as interchangeable twins with nothing to distinguish them.  
Daniel Bryan can TOTALLY do the Flair "defend against every two-bit midcarder and make them look like gods" act and would it be great.  He used to do long defenses against Morton, Hawk, assorted Russians and Freebirds, you name it.  People say that getting a *** match out of El Gigante was a miracle but I submit MICHAEL FUCKING HAYES working a *** match with Flair was even more insane.  
But yeah, they'd got the Main Event and Smackdown which generally have nothing else going on, why not have Bryan wrestle an Uso or Damien Sandow or whatevs.  HHH can put a bounty on him!  That angle works every damn time and we know that HHH is loaded in real life and we know he loves old school shit like that, so you can have him be all "I'll give $100,000 to anyone who can beat Bryan" and you get all these guys coming out of the woodwork to step up and try to beat him.  ​