Monday Nitro – November 23, 1998

Nitro #164
November 23, 1998
Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Mike Tenay, Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Bobby Heenan
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
on the road to Starrcade now with a main event of Kevin Nash
challenging Goldberg for the World Title. The other main story
coming out of last night was Hogan not appearing in the big battle
royal for reasons that weren’t explained. Other than that we didn’t
get the two big midcard matches we were promised because this is WCW
and giving us angles instead of delivering advertised matches is a
great idea. Let’s get to it.

announcers talk about the battle royal last night and tell us to tune
in to the Tonight Show on Thursday to see why Hogan wasn’t in the
battle royal.
get some stills of the battle royal as well.
Luger vs. Mike Enos
circle each other for a bit to start until Luger runs him over with a
shoulder block. A headlock sends Enos to the floor as the announcers
talk about everything other than the match. Back in and Mike drops
him throat first across the top rope and nails a piledriver for two.
We hit the chinlock on Luger followed by a nice powerslam for two
more. Back up and Mike can’t hit a superplex, allowing Luger to hit
a top rope clothesline and a superplex of his own. A powerslam sets
up the Rack for the submission from Enos.
C-. Enos didn’t look all that
bad here and Luger was actually doing more than just the usual for a
change. It’s still not all that entertaining but it was better than
a lot of the dull matches with guys like these two on Nitro. I’d
still like the Wolfpack to actually do something of note instead of
just having random matches of no consequence.
shows up in a limo, followed by the Wolfpack in their limo. Konnan
tells Nash that he’s next but Goldberg says that’s not a safe place
to be. “Just ask your girlfriend.”
brings out Kidman to talk about the situation last night where Rey
Mysterio helped him win back the Cruiserweight Title. Rey
comes out and Kidman offers him a title shot tonight due to Mysterio
being back to his old style. Wasn’t he only away from his old style
for six days and by force? They shake hands and say may the best man
win but here are Eddie and his bodyguard to interrupt. Eddie says
Rey is still a contracted member of the LWO so he needs to put the
shirt back on. Guerrero pulls out a gigantic shirt that Rey is
forced to put on, but he promises to make this right later.
Smiley vs. Chris Benoit
is actually taken down pretty easily and kicked in the back, only to
have him pop up and slap Norman in the face. They hit the mat for a
bit until Benoit takes him into the corner and stomps away, only to
charge into a knee to the ribs in the other corner. Smile does that
spinning slam of his but Benoit comes right back with Rolling
Germans, the Swan Dive and a Crossface for the fast submission. This
was better than expected.
of Hall vs. Nash which wasn’t a match.
the Wolfpack to celebrate their victory. Luger doesn’t like
finishing second in anything but at least it was to another Wolfpack
guy. Nash takes the mic and says he’s next and will be the 1 in
190-1. So Heyman stole his big promo from Kevin Nash? The Wolfpack
leaves but Gene follows to ask about Hall. Nash can’t trust him
because of what’s happened already, which makes sense. Goldberg
comes by and says he’ll be the truck that runs Nash over. Nash: “Lay
off the caffeine Bill.” Nice to see Big Kev so serious before his
title shot.
vs. Tokyo Magnum
the match we see Kanyon trying to get Raven to come out with him but
Raven says Kanyon wouldn’t understand. Once in the arena, Kanyon
yells at Raven to come out, allowing Tokyo to grab a rollup for two.
A bulldog gets the same but Kanyon snaps off a Russian legsweep to
take over. Tokyo gets two each off a sunset flip and small package,
but a hiptoss is countered into the Flatliner to give Kanyon a fast
vs. Bobby Duncum Jr.
cowboy takes him into the corner to start and shrugs off some kicks
before nailing a headbutt to the ribs. More
power shots such as a clothesline and shoulder drop drop Glacier and
we head back outside for even more punishment, including a hard whip
into the barricade. Back in
and a top rope clothesline is good for two on Ice Dude but he comes
back with his usual variety of kicks. A powerslam gets two for
Glacier, only to have Duncum come right back with a running DDT.
Duncum’s attempt to use his bullrope doesn’t work so he hits a Skull
Crushing Finale for the pin. That’s not a good finisher for him.
D. Duncum is trying, but him
going after the cowbell and bullrope shows how stupid WCW could be at
the time. I know they’re a southern based promotion, but I got so
sick of their OBSESSION with cowboys. Yeah we get it you have a
bullrope and a big hat. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!
comes out to talk about the battle royal last night. He wanted a
piece of Nash but Nash needed an army to take him out since Big Kev
won’t fight him one on one. Since that’s out of the question, Giant
wants to know if Goldberg has the guts to face him tonight.
#2 begins.
vs. Silver King
the match, Saturn tells Ernest Miller to jump him if he wants to.
Why is this feud still a thing? A
hard shoulder takes Silver King down to start followed by a drop
toehold. Back up and a few kicks drop Saturn, setting up a slingshot
splash for two. Saturn is bored by selling and nails a clothesline
and superkick to send Silver King outside, only to draw out Sonny
Onoo and Ernest Miller. After some lame trash talk, a German suplex
and the Death Valley Driver end Silver King.
Title: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Kidman
is defending. Feeling out process to start with Rey sending him into
the corner for an early Bronco Buster to a bit of a mixed reaction.
Maybe the huge shirt is
offputting. They trade headscissors takeovers with Rey’s taking both
guys over to the floor. Back
in and Rey hits a quick dropkick to the knee followed by something
like a Fameasser for two.
is sent to the apron but comes in over the top with a top rope cross
body for two of his own. The
champion charges at Rey but Mysterio uses what would become the 619,
sending Kidman flying out to the floor in a cool spot. A big
springboard flip dive takes Kidman down but he’s able to dropkick
Mysterio out of the air as they come back in. Kidman powerslams him
for two before getting caught in the sitout bulldog for another near
fall. That’s FINALLY enough
to get the announcers to care about the guys in the ring instead of
Nash vs. Goldberg.
comes back again with a sunset bomb out of the corner but Kidman is
right back as well with a running bulldog up the corner. The masked
dude hits a superplex but
West Coast Pop is countered into the short powerbomb in a great
counter. Juvy and Eddie come out for a distraction with Kidman going
after the latter, allowing Guerrera to hit the Juvy Driver on Rey,
setting up the Shooting Star to retain the title.
C+. This was a
nice back and forth match between these two but the LWO continues to
go nowhere for the most part. It’s nice of
them to have some kind of a story, but there’s only so much that they
can do against each other. I’d love to see them get out of the
division for a change, but this
is WCW so that’s a very rare thing to see.
Bischoff for his weekly Horsemen address. He understands that Flair
isn’t going away and asks
for him to come out here right now for a showdown. Flair comes out
for the staredown on his own and says he’s humbled by the reaction
he’s getting here in Grand Rapids. Bischoff actually says Flair
deserves this before saying they have to acknowledge that Bischoff
runs the company. Flair will admit that Ted Turner is a great man
but made a mistake in hiring Bischoff.
brings up Flair bringing in Barry Windham but Flair has no authority
to hire anyone. This brings out Barry who immediately hugs Flair.
Bischoff thinks that Barry is going to turn on Windham, which might
be an accurate prediction. Bischoff slaps Flair and gets jumped,
only to have Barry hit Flair low. The NWO jumps the Horsemen as they
try for a save and Horace works over Dean’s leg. Eric makes Bret vs.
Malenko tonight.
of Booker saving Stevie Ray from Konnan last night.
T. vs. Konnan
tells us that Horsemen have left the arena other than Dean. Nice
teammates they are. Booker takes over to start with a wristlock but
walks into the rolling clothesline. A clothesline and back elbow to
the jaw drop Konnan and a pair of kicks but Stevie comes out and
nails Konnan in the head with a slapjack for a DQ.
asks Booker where his head is but Booker says he doesn’t need his
brings out Bret Hart for a chat. Bret says that punk DDP stole a
cheap win last night and wants a rematch. He’ll destroy Dean’s knee
until Page accepts the challenge.
vs. Kevin Nash
idea here is simple: Nash is facing the ultimate streak at Starrcade
so he’s challenging a smaller streak here. Wrath drives in knees in
the corner and nails a bicycle kick to drop Nash with ease. A
dropkick sends him over the top and out to the floor as it’s all
Wrath to start. Nash comes back in with right hands and elbows in
the corner but Wrath easily suplexes him down. Wrath gets two off a
top rope clothesline but he charges into a boot in the corner. Side
slam is good for two on Wrath and a shoulder gets the same on Nash.
Kevin comes right back with a big boot and the Jackknife to end Wrath
once and for all.
C-. The match actually wasn’t
all that bad but the booking is pretty questionable. I fully
understand the idea of having Nash beat a winning streak, but Wrath
was a guy with potential and they just burned through it here. On
top of that, Wrath dominated the match and Nash hit like two moves
for the win in less than five minutes. This should have been a
bigger deal than it was.
brings out Chris Jericho for a chat. Jericho’s hair looks like he’s
been subjected to static electricity experiments. However Jericho
wants to be serious tonight. The Jericholics have disappointed him
lately by not cheering loud enough. He’s their role model because
he’s better than every single one of them. Gene brings up Bobby
Duncum Jr. and Jericho can’t pronounce his last name. As Jericho
makes fun of cowboys, Duncum walks out with a hogtied Ralphus.
Hall vs. Alex Wright
is still trying to untie Ralphus during Hall’s entrance. Hall says
cut the NWO Black and White music. Tonight is going to be the final
survey because the fans are all here to see the…..something I can’t
make out. There are two factions in the NWO and Hall doesn’t care
for either one of them right now, so send out Alex Wright so Hall can
destroy him. After the toothpick throw, Alex flips out of a belly to
back suplex but gets punched in the jaw and clotheslined out to the
actually pulls Hall outside for some right hands as the fans chant
USA. Back in and a missile dropkick puts Hall down again but it’s
time to dance. Heenan is LIVID over this as you can hear the manager
in him trying to come back out. They slug it out a bit until Hall
levels him with a clothesline and the Edge is good for the pin.
C. Far better match here than I
was expecting as Wright got to show off here in a bit of a surprise.
Hall being serious is a good thing though as I really didn’t care for
the drunk angle. Hall is talented enough to put on entertaining
matches with almost anyone so it was a waste of his talent to use
that kind of a gimmick.
Hart vs. Dean Malenko
is favoring his knee after the attack earlier. Bret goes right for
the knee to take over and kicks away but Dean gets in a right hand
and some stomps to take over. Dean tries a rolling cradle but the
knee gives out and they roll to the floor. We take a break and come
back with Tony telling us about a special bonus Nitro tomorrow with
another hour. Oh freaking JOY.
tries a suplex and the knee holds up for the most part but he can’t
follow up. A small package
is good for two on Hart as Tony actually gets a fact right: Windham
wasn’t an original Horseman. Dean comes back with a sleeper which
Heenan points out allows him to rest the leg. Bret fights out of it
with a belly to back but Malenko keeps the hold on. They
head outside for a few seconds before Dean chokes with the boot in
the corner.
goes right back to the knee to take over though and snaps the bad leg
down. He grabs the leg again but gets enziguried down to give Dean a
breather. Back up and Dean
slams him into the buckle while hobbling across the ring. Nice
touch. A superplex doesn’t work but Bret goes down to the apron to
keep Malenko out of trouble. The leg lariat sets up the Texas
Cloverleaf but Bret is right in the ropes.
fall to the floor with Dean landing on the leg to keep him down.
Bret tries to bring in a chair but the referee takes it away,
allowing Malenko to nail a missile dropkick for a very close two.
Malenko tries a leapfrog but can’t get the elevation and goes down
again. Bret wraps the leg around the post a few times and nails a
Diamond Cutter, causing the referee to stop it.
B. I was really liking this one
and the ending actually makes it better. Malenko doesn’t have to do
a clean or even dirty job here and goes down fighting the whole way.
His comeback was great with the knee being sold the whole way
through. But of course we couldn’t have Dean move up the card long
term or anything like that as a result of a great performance like
comes in to save Malenko’s knee but gets beaten down with a chair.
Bret misses a chair shot to the knee but gets away from the Diamond
Cutter. Page calls him Hitscum Hart as Bret walks away. We get a
challenge for a rematch for the US Title next week.
World Title: Giant vs. Goldberg
fight into the corner to start and Giant kicks him in the side of the
head. Chokeslam gets two and Goldberg hammers away with some kicks
to the ribs. Spear and a delayed Jackhammer retain the title.
Bam Bigelow runs in post match but Nash comes out for the save.
Goldberg goes after Nash and security separates them to end the show.
C-. This was an
entertaining enough show but I’m not interested in Starrcade so far.
Goldberg vs. Nash just doesn’t feel like a big showdown main event
but it’s what we’re getting no matter what. The Jackhammer to Giant
was very impressive and Malenko’s match was good so it’s a watchable
show but in a bad time for WCW.
there’s the extra Nitro show Tuesday and no Thunder this week.
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