ROH Supercard of Honor VIII

of Honor VIII
April 4, 2014
Alario Center, Westwego, Louisiana
Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness, Steve Corino
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
not the biggest ROH fan in the world but I was in New Orleans for
Wrestlemania weekend and saw ROH was having a pay per view the night
I got into town. The general admission ticket was cheap so I grabbed
a seat and took in my first Ring of Honor show ever. I didn’t know a
lot of the people on the card so it’s going to be interesting to hear
the commentary to fill in some details. The main event is Adam Cole
defending the World Title against Jay Briscoe in Ladder War V, which
is their version of a TLC match. Let’s get to it.

opening video shows last year’s Supercard of Honor where Jay Briscoe
won the title in the first place. He was injured last summer and had
to vacate the title, but held onto the belt and said he was never
defeated for the title. Therefore, there are two titles but only
Adam Cole is champion, setting up the main event tonight. The idea
here is Briscoe is nuts but Cole is classy. Adam gives off a Bobby
Roode vibe in his promos.
start with a YES chant as the announcers run down the card.
Alexander vs. Roderick Strong
is part of the Decade (Strong, Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer with their
assistant Adam Page), which represents the old days of ROH and
doesn’t like a lot of the disrespectful young punks around anymore.
They threw Cedric’s bag out of the locker room to show their
displeasure after Cedric used Strong’s backbreaker. The Decade also
has their Young Boy Adam Page here to towel them off and hand them
water, which isn’t the worst gimmick in the world.
trade wristlocks to start with Strong getting the better of it until
Cedric quickly flips out of it and sends Roderick into the corner.
The Decade is quickly on the apron to check on Strong as the match
slows down already. A dropkick puts Strong down though and he’s
bleeding from the hand. Alexander goes to the corner but gets
tripped up, sending the back of his head into the top turnbuckle to
give Strong control.
Page runs back down to the ring with a bandage for Strong as he hits
a backbreaker for two on Cedric. We stop to get the thumb taped up
which I thought was putting on a foreign object live. Some knees to
the back are good for two and we hit a rear waistlock. Back up and
Roderick misses a dropkick as the announcers talk about RD Evans’
streak. Strong loses the tape off his hand and gets caught with a
slingshot DDT for two.
half nelson facebuster gets the same but he gets caught by a running
knee to the ribs and an Angle Slam for two. Some running knees in
the corner look to set up a Rock Bottom but Cedric crucifixes him
down for two. Strong comes right back with a backbreaker for two
more and they chop it out. A running knee to Cedric’s face sets up a
fireman’s carry into a double knee gutbuster for a VERY close two and
the fans think this is awesome. That’s a stretch at this point.
comes back with a spinning kick to the face out of the corner
(remember that for later) but has to go after Adam Page. A fireman’s
carry into another kick to the head drops Strong and another kick
knocks Jimmy Jacobs to the floor as well. Cedric dives onto the
Decade but springboards into a dropkick which mostly misses. Strong
lifts him into the air for a suplex but drops him onto his knees
(ankles but whatever) for the pin.
C+. The match was going well
but the camera showing the misses at the end really brought it down
for me. You could see that the dropkick missed live but the cameras
made the finish look a lot worse. Still though, I liked the idea
they were going for here and it was a fast paced opener which got the
crowd going.
match Jimmy Jacobs agrees that that was wrestling (another stretch)
and says you can learn exactly what NOT to do by watching Cedric
Alexander. You can learn how to get started in this company by
watching Adam Page however. Alexander almost comes back into the
ring but Jacobs orders him out of their building. Jacobs
advises Adrenaline Rush and Andrew Everett to take a lesson from
Alexander in what NOT to do.
vs. Adrenaline Rush/Andrew Everett
is a scramble match, which I believe means lucha rules, meaning that
if you leave the ring, it’s as good as a tag. Adrenaline Rush is ACH
and Tadarius Thomas. Steve Corino says ROH popularized this kind of
match, which is just flat out wrong as WCW was having these almost
weekly back in their heyday.
ACH makes sure to get as
many handshakes as he can get when the Decade won’t give him one.
Jacobs pulls out his spike to go after ACH but the referee won’t let
it happen.
wants to start with Jacobs but Jimmy tags in Page after swearing a
bit. They start fast with
ACH nailing some fast armdrags into a nipup for a standoff. Off to
the powerful BJ Whitmer who knocks ACH into the corner. Some
dropkicks have little effect on BJ so ACH actually points into the
air to distract him before dropkicking the knee out. Whitmer bails
to the floor, allowing Jacobs to come in and knocks ACH to the floor.
comes in for a rollup to Jimmy followed by Richie Steamboat’s Sling
Blade. The high flier Everett comes in and speeds things up with a
moonsault over Jacobs followed by a big dropkick. Two backflips set
up a hurricanrana to Whitmer but BJ pulls Andrew to the floor.
Thomas hammers on Jacobs but charges into the corner and moonsaults
down onto Whitmer and Page. Jacobs sends ACH to the apron where BJ
pulls him onto his shoulders, setting up a Jimmy spear through the
ropes to crush ACH. Cool spot. I’m sorry for all the play by play
here but we’re in total spot fest mode.
in and ACH gets beaten up as Corino says one of the photographers
looks like he’s from Jamaican. Kelly: “HE’S FROM ARKANSAS!” The
guy they’re talking about was all over ringside and did more than any
crew member I’ve ever seen. The Decade triple teams ACH to give Page
a two count followed by a chinlock. A nice spinwheel kick gets the
same on ACH and it’s back to BJ for some kicks in the face. ACH
comes back with a running clothesline to send BJ onto the floor,
setting up a HUGE flip dive to take him down again.
allows Thomas to come in legally and kick Jacobs in the face (that’s
at least two tonight) for two before throwing him down with a suplex.
Page comes in for a fireman’s carry backbreaker but Everett comes in
as Thomas rolls to the floor. Everett charges too fast into the
corner and slips onto the ropes, and we get something I really liked:
Page is right on him. Instead
of waiting around like an idiot for Everett to get back into
position, Page goes over and starts pounding on a fallen opponent,
like a wrestler should be doing. It MAKES SENSE for him to be doing
that but you hardly ever see that in WWE.
Andrew comes out of the corner with a nice moonsault press and Page
rolls to the floor. BJ comes in but gets caught by a springboard
kick to the face (you may be noticing a pattern here). Everett hits
a gorgeous springboard shooting star to take out Jacobs and Page
followed by a springboard shooting star press for two on Whitmer. A
big backdrop sends Everett over the top and to the floor, followed by
a wicked clothesline to Thomas. The All Seeing Eye (gutwrench mat
slam from Whitmer with a sliding neckbreaker from Jacobs. I’ve seen
that somewhere before and I think it was in TNA) is good for the pin
on Tadarius.
C. Total spot fest here and
there’s nothing wrong with that. ACH looked polished out there and I
can see why he was given a WWE tryout a few months back. That being
said, the opening two matches should have been combined into one or
had the opener cut. The show starts to drag at the end and neither
of these matches really did much differently from the other.
gets his spike post match and goes after Thomas until an injured ACH
makes the save.
recap Truth Martini vs. Matt Taven. Martini is a heel manager who
led Taven to the TV Title, but after losing the belt they parted ways
with Taven firing Truth. Tonight Martini is back with a mystery
wrestler to take care of Taven.
says he’s alone tonight but that doesn’t bother him. He won’t be
alone for long and promises
a big surprise.
Taven vs. ???
comes out alone and says Taven is nothing without him. He calls
Kevin Kelly into the ring (Corino: “YOU’RE THE MYSTERY GUY???”)
as he reads the end of the Book of Truth. Matt says no one wants to
see this and opens the book, only to get kicked low by Martini.
Truth says surprise and walks out. No match.
Young vs. RD Evans
for a comedy match! Evans is back and on a made up win streak but
it’s played totally for laughs. He called himself a real man and
that’s not cool with Wrestling’s Last Real Man in Silas Young.
However, the interesting part here is Evans’ manager Veda Scott, who
is absolutely GORGEOUS. I
had heard her name before but I had never seen her in person. She’s
a redhead with a kind of sexy nerd thing going on here in a short
green skirt. Evans’ other dude Ramon comes out with an 82-0 sign
which will come into play later.
kicks Young in the face to start but gets driven hard into the corner
to give Silas control. We get a Flair Flip in the corner but Scott
trips Silas up for two. Young chases her around the ring but she
SPRINTS away and loses her shoes in the process. Ramon offers a
distraction and Evans takes over. Scott jumps in on commentary as
Evans is slammed off the top. Apparently she’s an attorney along
with Evans who is a wrestler on the side. I’ve heard worse gimmicks.
puts on a bodyscissors as the announcers talk about Evans winning a
match in what sounded like Romania. Back up and a dropkick nails
Evans but Young runs into a boot in the corner. A top rope shoulder
block puts Young down again and a powerslam gets two. Evans misses a
top rope splash though and a backbreaker into a lariat is good for a
near fall on RD. Fans: “YOU CAN’T BEAT HIM!”
head to the apron where Young can’t hit a German suplex to the floor
but does hit an electric chair drop onto the apron. Evans DIVES back
in at 19 (ROH goes to 20, which I forgot until the referee got to 11)
and gets a near fall off a small package. Scott gets on the apron
for a distraction as Ramon gets on the apron.
takes the belt and claps his hands before grabbing his back. It’s
not enough for the DQ so Evans gets a VERY close near fall off a
rollup. The referee takes a
belt shot to the head and goes down as Evans hits a running
neckbreaker. Young
gets up and hits a rolling fireman’s carry into a slingshot moonsault
for the pin by another referee to break the streak.
WAIT! The original referee says Young hit him in the head so THAT’S
A DQ AND THE STREAK LIVES! Ramon sprints to the back and comes back
with an 83-0 sign as Scott goes nuts.
C. This was so over the top and
completely goofy but I totally loved it. There’s something awesome
about a character that is played totally for laughs like this and
Veda Scott made it all the better. The fact that the skirt was
barely there helped a lot but she’s also hilarious on commentary. I
dug this one a lot and the fans did too.
Bennett and Maria promise to make Mark Briscoe feel pain tonight. He
promises a new submission to put Chicken Briscoe down.
Briscoe is all fired up and sounds completely insane, talking
about a shark and a female dog being in a jungle before tearing
Bennett’s face off like a gorilla.
Bennett vs. Mark Briscoe
DQ. Maria is with Mike here
and somehow blows Veda Scott away by wearing basically a bikini.
Briscoe takes him down with
a flip dive off the apron to get things going. Maria rants at the
commentary table about how she didn’t want Mike to do this in the
first place. Back in and a hard clothesline drops Bennett again but
he comes back by whipping Mark into the barricade.
head into the crowd with Briscoe backdropping him onto the stands and
landing a big dive off a railing. Back to ringside where Bennett is
able to pelt a chair at Mark’s head a few times to take over. Inside
again with a low blow with a chair before Bennett wedges the chair in
the corner. In a funny bit he sings Edge’s theme song but misses a
charge into the chair, knocking him back to the floor. Mark hits a
running elbow off the apron for two and they fight up to the
fans and announcers say they can’t see anything as Briscoe is knocked
off the stags and through a table as the cameraman goes down. They
head back to the ring with Maria acting as a shield for Bennett. To
his credit he shoves her out of the way to take the kendo stick shots
for her. Maria gets in a cheap shot from the floor and a Side Effect
onto a chair sets up a series of chair shots to the back. Bennett
Pillmanizes the neck (it’s not a Conchairto if it’s wrapped around a
body part people) and puts on an Anaconda Vice for the easy win.
C. This was a wild brawl which
made sense given the story they were telling here. That was quite
the ending spot with the Pillmanizing and it was nice to see the
match again as I spent most of the first viewing staring at Maria.
Seriously, she’s just hard to take your eyes off at any time but
barely dressed makes it even better. She’s
also great at messing with the crowd as she stands there in terror
when Bennett is in trouble but then poses and shakes her hips when
Mike wins.
Taven is looking for Truth Martini and gets beaten down in the
bathroom by Truth’s new guy who we don’t see. This didn’t air for
the live crowd.
during which Nigel
McGuinness was working the merchandise stand. This
ran about twenty minutes but they cut it out here for obvious
of Nigel, he replaced Corino on commentary for the second half of the
small guy named Cheeseburger is in the ring and asks who wants free
t-shirts. He’s interrupted by Matt Hardy who tells Cheeseburger to
get out of the ring before something bad happens to him. Matt says
he’s back in Ring of Honor and it’s on to its biggest year ever.
ROH’s ratings, attendance and merchandising are setting records and
it’s all because Matt Hardy is here again. He’s giving ROH the rub
and has picked Adam Cole as the Holy Spirit of Wrestling.
says the internet smark fans just don’t get it. Cole and himself are
like the Holy Trinity you hear about in church because they’re one in
the same. Hardy: “Go ahead and boo. It’s just part of my $15,000
payday.” Matt says he and Cole run this company along with Michael
Bennett and Maria Kanellis instead of the fans or announcers.
Tonight Cole will cement himself as the greatest ROH World Champion
in history, including CM Punk.
Cheeseburger gets in the ring like an idiot and takes a Twist of
Fate. “You’re not on my menu anymore.” The heat was great, but
this didn’t need nine minutes.
Hooligans vs. ReDragon vs. Hanson/Raymond Rowe
Hooligans are Alex Kozlov (fake Russian but a small guy) and Rocky
Romero. ReDragon is Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. Fish
is very energetic and tries to fire Kyle up before we get things
going. Hanson and Rowe are
two big power guys that you don’t often see in ROH. The
winner of this gets a Tag Team Title match against the Young Bucks at
some point in the future.
and O’Reilly get things going by circling each other for a bit. Kyle
knocks Hanson to the floor but makes the mistake of heading outside
for a breather. Hanson plants him with a slam so it’s off to Fish
who walks into an overhead belly to belly. Hanson gets the tag and
nails a clothesline to the back of the head for two. Bobby heads
outside again and we get a chase, resulting in Fish sliding back in
and tagging out to Romero.
fingers to the eyes slow Hanson down and a hurricanrana puts him on
the mat. Off to Kozlov for some double teaming, including a
springboard cross body for two. O’Reilly tags Hanson after the big
man drops Alex with a clothesline but Romero gets in a cheap shot
from the apron to give the Hooligans control. Now we get to the
stupid comedy portion of the match with Kozlov putting on one of
those Russian hats and hitting some dancing kicks to the head.
Thankfully it doesn’t last long.
starts firing off running clotheslines to Kyle in the corner and
won’t let Alex hit one of his own. They nearly come to blows but hug
it out to a big reaction. Rowe
comes in to blame Romero with something resembling a release Rock
Bottom but Fish tags himself in to work over Rocky. ReDragon hits a
backbreaker/middle rope knee combo for two on Romero before things
settle back down.
works over Rocky’s arm before it’s back to Fish for some
shots of his own. Kyle comes in again for a
hammerlock slam and a
chinlock but Rocky fights back with a spinning kick to the face.
Alex gets the tag and hits a springboard cross body on Kyle, despite
Rowe clearly touching O’Reilly’s back in plain view of the referee.
Kozlov nails a bunch of kicks to the head and takes out most of the
people in the match with a big flip dive.
springboard missile dropkick gets two on Kyle but Hanson comes in and
cleans house. Everything breaks down even more and everyone is
knocked to the mat or floor. Kozlov and O’Reilly are the only ones
left in the ring and they slug it out until Rowe trips Kyle to the
floor. Rowe is driven into the barricade by Kyle and hit with a
running dropkick off the apron from Fish. Hanson catches a diving
Fish in a powerslam but Kozlov sends him to the floor. Alex hits a
shooting star for two but Fish makes the save. Forever Hooligans
loads up some kind of a double team move on Fish but he slips off
Alex’s back and gets a rollup for the pin.
B-. This was an insane tag
match but it went on a bit too long. It was entertaining enough but
I would have gone with the title match here instead of the #1
contenders match. Still though, this was another fun spot fest with
some power added in to balance things out in a nice addition.
show that Fish had a handful of trunks.
recap Tommaso Ciampa vs. Jay Lethal which started about two years ago
when Ciampa injured his knee in a match against Lethal and was put
out for a year. Lethal has had Ciampa beaten twice but various
issues has cost him the TV Title. Tonight it’s 2/3 falls again.
Title: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Jay Lethal
is defending and this is 2/3 falls. This is where the fans were
getting restless as you could see a lot of them looking at their
phones and the chants started to die a bit. Ciampa
takes off his knee brace for the first time since his injury in a
symbolic move. Feeling out process to start as they trade headlocks
and rollups for two each. A hiptoss puts the champion down and
Lethal cartwheels over to a standoff.
chop it out in the corner but Lethal misses a springboard dropkick.
Jay kicks him into the barricade and nails a suicide dive followed by
a second one for good measure. A third puts Ciampa into the crowd
and the fans chant for ROH. Why they don’t chant for Lethal is
beyond me, but it’s happened since the ECW days. Lethal
is whipped into the barricade and Ciampa hits a running knee so fast
that he falls right back into the crowd. The referee restarts the
count for no apparent reason before Ciampa throws Jay back inside.
comes back with some kicks to the head and a dropkick in the corner
for two until Ciampa bites Jay’s hand to escape. Lethal tries a
Tajiri handspring elbow but gets caught in what was supposed to be a
Backstabber. They fight over a suplex until they both go over the
top in a big crash. Neither
guy gets the better of a slugout and they both slide back inside at
the 19 count, which didn’t please the fans in my section. Another
Tajiri handspring is countered but Lethal grabs a German suplex for
the pin and the first fall.
no rest period so gets in a quick shot to the head and they trade
near falls. Lethal
Combination (backbreaker into a Downward Spiral) sets up a Koji
Clutch on the champion but he counters into a Rings of Saturn
Crossface. Jay gets his feet into the ropes though and it’s time for
another slugout. Again neither guy can get the better of it so Jay
tries another Tajiri handspring but gets caught in a Diamond Cutter,
which apparently is the finish to the handspring.
busts out Ciampa’s finisher (powerbomb into double knees to the back)
for two but ANOTHER Tajiri handspring hits the referee. Ciampa rolls
some Germans and hits a discus lariat to put both guys down. This
brings out Truth Martini who throws Jay the knee brace. He nails
Ciampa in the face for two before nailing the top rope elbow, only
to have Ciampa Hulk Up. Some superkicks have no effect but Lethal
FINALLY hits the handspring into the cutter for the pin and the
C-. This was longer than it
needed to be as the second fall could have been cut out to
the same result. The ending really didn’t work for me either as
Lethal knocked Ciampa out but they did another minute or so, making
the entire knee brace thing seem completely worthless. Just too long
here, but I’ve never been a Jay Lethal fan in the first place.
match Lethal says there’s a new house in New Orleans and it’s the
House of Truth.
Elgin vs. Kevin Steen
gets an IWGP Title shot at Global
Wars in May. Elgin
is one of the few ROH guys I really like but Steen is pretty much the
top star in ROH. Steen
immediately tries the Package Piledriver but Elgin fights out, only
to get caught by a Cannonball in the corner for two. You can tell
this is going to be a power brawl. They head to the floor with Elgin
being thrown into the barricade which is knocked into the crowd.
is sent into the barricade again around the ring as the fans chant
OVER HERE. Elgin reverses and “hits” a running big boot to
the….chest I think? Steen teases getting back in but would rather
load up a piledriver on the floor. Thankfully Elgin backdrops him
down to prevent the whole broken neck thing and lands a delayed
vertical suplex on the floor. They head back inside but Elgin’s
sunset flip attempt is countered by some running knees to the head
for two.
senton backsplash gets two on Michael but he muscles Steen up into a
German suplex to put both guys down. The Sharpshooter from Steen is
quickly countered into a suplex for two but Steen misses a moonsault
into a flip to give Steen a breather. A knee to the back of Elgin’s
head gets two but a second Cannonball is countered into a powerbomb.
Steen comes right back with the F-Cinc (French for 5) for another two
wins a slugout and Steen almost falls out to the floor. Michael
tries the Cesaro superplex but Kevin headbutts him down, only to get
enziguried (again with the head kicks!) to the floor. Kevin
powerbombs him onto the apron but Elgin gets up and powerbombs him
against the post. That’s only good for two as well so Michael
tombstones him down for another near fall. They
slug it out until Steen throws him into the air for a powerbomb and
gets two off the Package Piledriver.
is STUNNED and takes too long going up top, allowing Elgin to block a
Cannonball with knees. A sitout powerbomb gets Elgin another near
fall so he loads up a superplex. Steen fights back AGAIN and hits a
top rope brainbuster. The kickout shocks everyone again but Elgin is
able to counter a Package Piledriver into a triple bomb. Another
powerbomb and a lariat set up a buckle bomb on Steen, followed by a
Package Piledriver to FINALLY pin Steen.
This is the kind of match the show was needing for awhile now. It’s
totally different from the rest of the show and that was the big
problem. The show had become repetitive so mixing things up like
this made a good match feel like a very good match. Elgin gets a big
win as well which can only help him.
takes awhile to get up and receives a THANK YOU BOTH chant.
main event took awhile to set up so a bit was cut out here.
World Title: Jay Briscoe vs. Adam Cole
is defending. There are two
belts above the ring and three ladders at ringside, first person to
pull down the belts wins. Corino
is on commentary as well. Jay
wins a fight to start and nails a quick backdrop to stagger the
champion. He heads outside but comes up with a chair to the head to
stop a suicide dive. Back inside and the chair bounces off Briscoe’s
head before Adam slams him down onto the steel.
AA breaks the chair and it’s time for the smallest ladder, only to
have Jay baseball slide it into Cole’s face. Some more chair shots
put Cole down before Jay pelts the chair at his head to even the
score. Adam comes back with
a suplex onto the ladder and Briscoe’s
head is busted open BAD.
The first attempt at the
belts is easily cut off as the referee brings in a towel to wipe
Jay’s face. He refuses the help of course and brings in the medium
sized ladder.
is sent up the ramp but Jay goes after him instead of climbing for
the titles. There’s another LOUD chair shot to Cole’s head and Jay
bridges the small ladder between two chairs. A big splash knocks
Cole off the ladder and now it’s time to climb. Scratch
that actually as Jay shoves the medium ladder over and gets a table.
Cole is able to get off
before Jay can dive off the big ladder though and Adam gets in
another cheap shot to take over.
big ladder is laid against the ropes but both guys head back inside.
Briscoe is knocked down by a hard clothesline and the small ladder is
thrown into the ring again. Jay
pops right back up though and powerbombs Adam onto the small ladder
in the corner. Adam fights off a superplex through the ladder (fans:
“PLEASE DON’T DIE!”) and superkicks
Jay onto it instead for a HUGE crash.
climbs the medium ladder but Jay is right back up and throwing Cole
through the small ladder in the corner, badly bending it in the
process. Briscoe is now
bleeding from the back as well but is still able to put the champion
down with a neckbreaker. Jay
sets up another ladder bridge but the ladder is badly broken so it
collapses as soon as Adam lays down on it. That’s fine with Jay as
he tries a splash onto the mostly broken ladder but Cole moves,
sending Jay crashing down.
medium ladder is set up in the middle of the ring but Jay pelts
another chair off the champion’s head to put him back down. They
both climb up to fight on top but Jay knocks him off for a big crash.
Cole is able to talk enough trash from the mat though that Jay drops
down and hits the Jay Driller piledriver. He still won’t climb
though and loads up a Conchairto onto the ladder, only to have Matt
Hardy run in and hit a Twist of Fate to Jay on the floor.
helps Cole climb but Mark Briscoe runs out, completely crippling a
lot of the momentum this show had going for it. His neck was
Pillmanized but here he is an hour and a half later? I don’t care
how tough he is. Mark Briscoe shouldn’t be seen for AT LEAST two
months after a spot like that. He puts Matt on the table but Mike
Bennett comes out to shove the ladder over, sending Mark through the
and Cole are alone in the ring and the Jay Driller puts Cole down
again. A Jay Driller puts Bennett down as well and there’s a third
to take out Matt Hardy. Cole and Jay climb at the same time but the
champion wins a slugout and shoves him down. Jay tries one last
climb but Cole pulls down
the belts to retain.
B. This was a solid fight but
the Mark Briscoe stuff really took me out of things. To be fair
though I got to look at Maria a bit more when she came down with
Bennett so I can’t complain too much. Jay looked like a soldier out
there which is the right idea and Cole holding onto the title is the
right choice at the end of the day. Good stuff here.
heels pose to end the show.
B-. This is a show
where the parts don’t add up to the final total. As mentioned, the
show just went on forever and it really started to drag around the TV
Title match. It’s certainly entertaining and the last two matches
brought things back up, but it didn’t really fire me up and make me
want to see more ROH.
the end of the day, it’s about the same take on ROH that I’ve always
had: there’s good stuff here, but it’s not enough to make me want to
keep coming back. Thankfully they cut WAY down on the no selling
stuff (Mark Briscoe aside) but unfortunately they cranked up on the
repetitive moves. From Jay Lethal trying Lethal Injection four times
to seemingly EVERYONE using a spin kick to the head, I felt like I
saw the same match several times tonight. If
ROH was near me again and relatively cheap I’d go, but it’s not
something I’m going out of my way to see.

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