Network Playlist/Wrestling Card

A few of us have been talking about how a playlist feature you can share with other users would be a great addition to The Network. Of course with that you'll get many "Best of (wrestler)" or "Best of (PPV)" and so on. But what about creating an entire eight match card through a playlist? Set up a wrestling card but using all the matches throughout the years from WWE, WCW and ECW. Have:

A hot opening match
A lower card title match (Cruiser, Euro, TV)
A tag team match (not for a title though)
A mid card title match (IC, US)
A solid mid card match (or you could put a women's match here)
A tag team title match
A grudge/gimmick match
A main event title match (WWF/E, World, ECW)

Of course, try not to use the same wrestler twice. The formula above can be changed but it should still resemble a wrestling card. What would you put together?

​Pillman v. Liger from Superbrawl II
Dean Malenko v. Scotty from Backlash 2000
Midnights v. Midnights from Starrcade 88
Lex Luger v. Stan Hansen bullrope match from Starrcade 90
Trish v. Lita from RAW 2004
Rock v. Roll Express v. Koloffs from Starrcade 85
Magnum TA v. Tully Blanchard from Starrcade 85
Hulk Hogan v. Randy Savage from Wrestlemania V