Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’ Doomers!

Watching this in hindsight the best part is clearly Howard Finkel getting the fuck out of there.

Well tonight is the Ultimate Warrior tribute show. I think most of us are eager to see what they do and I expect they will keep it classy and possibly switch things up a little for the night so we might not get the same type of storyline movement we had last weekend.

When I think about watching Warrior as a kid, I just remember the energy. I still have his theme song on my daily workout playlist. I used to use it for music in spin class. He was like an F5 tornado. He would run to the ring, cause a lot of damage, leave people laying and you were left wondering exactly what you just saw.

So enjoy the show and let’s keep it classy tonight as well. Make it funny of course, but keep it classy.