Sheamus Turn

So, when are we getting the Sheamus turn? He certainly lost a fair share of his heat when he beat Bryan two years back and is currently in a kind of bland chunk of the upper-mid card. There is pretty much no chance he's going up with some clear top faces above him now. 

So, again, when are we getting the turn? I actually think there would be some decent heat for a heel Sheamus vs Bryan now, and they will need something other than Orton/Batista for him to fight, especially if the perceived Lesnar feud won't get going until Summerslam. 

Mark me down as someone interested, since their Extreme Rules match was excellent and the heel-side of things right now is pretty shallow. 

I feel like Sheamus coming back as HHHs security force would have been the money move, and now he's just another fella in the midcard.  A heel turn is only gonna be a lateral move at this point.