Your Warrior Opinion


I was very surprised by how much Warrior meant to your wrestling fandom, because I thought I remembered otherwise.  I searched your old reviews of his matches and, sure enough, you have a lot of back-handed things to say about him.  (For example: "…and Hogan plays Ricky Morton.  Which is fair, because Warrior probably thinks he's Robert Gibson on Tuesdays.")  Now, certainly you weren't the only one who has been sharing fond memories now while not being kind to him then, but were there specific events that caused your opinion to evolve over time?  I'd like to get inside your head on this one.

Andy PG

It's not like any kind of unique experience here.  I was a big fan of his as an alternative to Hogan in the 80s, and then when I got onto the internet I discovered what a terrible person he could be.  By the time of the "queering" controversy he was basically an entirely different person.  It falls under the same kind of thing with Shawn Michaels, where you kind of have to separate the performer from the character.  Ultimate Warrior was an integral part of my wrestling fandom growing up, Jim Hellwig was kind of a dick.