Crack One Open For The Networking Man

Hey Scott,Do you agree that they really should have “dumbed down” for lack of a better word, the tutorial commercials for the network?IMO, they really shouldn’t have even mentioned about watching on a phone or tablet in the commercial. People that are watching RAW on a TV that are just learning about the network aren’t going to watch on a 4 or 5 inch cell phone. And anyone that has a smart phone or tablet are tech-savvy enough to figure it out anyway. Same with PlayStation and XBox users.The commercial really should have been as straight-forward and simple as possible. They have taken the cheapest, most simple streaming device that offers the network, the $50 Roku, and explained where to buy it and how to set it up. Its the most similar thing to a cable box there is as far as streaming.Don’t you think this would have really helped sub numbers for the network?
I don’t really know.  I thought they were gonna hit a million and had done about as well as they could with it, but then I come across a ton of people at work who don’t even know how Netflix works.  Plus Roku compatibility isn’t cut and dried either and having one doesn’t guarantee you can get the network.  Maybe more content at launch was the answer?