BoD Daily Update

WWE Planning on a Second Tribute to the Ultimate Warrior

The WWE is working on a special that they plan to air on the WWE Network this Wednesday called “Warrior: The Ultimate Legend.”


WWE Helping out the Ultimate Warrior’s Family?

TMZ reports that a few WWE employees are assisting the Warrior’s wife, Dana, with tasks such as grocery shopping, so she can focus on being with her daughters

Wade Barrett’s Hall of Fame Speech Unplanned?

According to Bryan Alvarez, sources told him that no one in the company knew that he was going to do a speech that “jokingly buried everyone” but everyone in the company loved the speech anyway.

Credit Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four Weekly Newsletter

Former WWE Diva Back With the Company?

Victoria, who was at the Hall of Fame Ceremony, is apparently back with the company. He role is unknown at the moment but its most likely that she will be a trainer. The WWE is planning on having a Women’s Tryout Camp in June and there is speculation that she is being brought in for that.

Credit Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four Weekly Newsletter

WrestleMania Box Score?

Someone posted on Deadspin a “box score” compiled of various moves and stuff like entrance lengths

Kayfabe Commentaries Filming Newest Installment of the “Breaking Kayfabe” Series

The subject will be Shane Douglas. The release date as not been announced