WWF Championship Wrestling January 25th, 1986

January 25, 1986
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action tonight are Terry Funk, Don Muraco, Paul Orndorff & Junkyard Dog, The Hillbillies and the Randy Savage vs. George “The Animal” Steele match from “Saturday Night’s Main Event.”


Mr. X & Joe Mirto vs. Junkyard Dog & Paul Orndorff
JYD and Orndorff work over the arm of Mr. X. Mirto tags and he gets beat on as the announcers make fun of his weak punches. Mr. X tags back in but Orndorff dropkicks him then tosses him to the floor. He then nails Mr. X with his cast when he comes back in before finishing him off with a piledriver (3:24).
Thoughts: These two did not gel at all. Orndorff’s persona does not mesh with JYD.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is on Bobby Heenan and his men, Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy and how they ambushed Andre the Giant.
Terry Funk w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Sal Gee
Funk slams Gee, who slams him right back. Gee hits two more slams as Funk rolls outside. The crowd goes nuts as Funk jaws with them before he re-enters the ring. Funk chops Gee against the ropes but he fights right back. Funk Irish whips Gee then catches him with a sleeper and gets the win (2:23). Funk brands Gee after the match.
Thoughts: Funk gave Gee a ton of offense and as a result, the crowd went nuts. Funk was always great about doing that in his TV squashes.
Gene Okerlund is with Roddy Piper, who cuts a promo on Bruno Sammartino with regards to their cage match in Boston. He then goes crazy as Orton has been barred from the arena. These promo’s are starting to feel recycled at this point.
Paul Dose vs. Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji
The graphics department, which fucked up constantly on these shows, had the jobber’s name read “Paul Rose.” Muraco kicks Dose to the floor as the crowd starts a “Beach bum” chant. Muraco hits a few suplexes and a backbreaker then takes his time in beating on Dose until he finally puts him away with the tombstone (3:15). After the match, Vince talks about Muraco trying to get into Hollywood, which is a play on his hilarious “TNT” sketches with Mr. Fuji.
Thoughts: This match dragged as Muraco was starting to drop down the card.
A brief ad for WrestleMania 2 airs.
Okerlund is with Tito Santana, who will defend his Intercontinental Title against Randy Savage. Tito talks about the New England Patriots and how they will be ready for the Super Bowl against the Chicago Bears (they weren’t). Tito cuts a bad promo about how hard work will pay off and promises to defeat Savage (he didn’t).
Gino Carabello & Terry Gibbs vs. British Bulldogs w/ Capt. Lou Albano
The announcers put over the Bulldogs as being the toughest team as Dynamite hits Gibbs with a snap suplex. Davey tags and busts out a fisherman’s suplex on Carabello for a nearfall. The Bulldogs use a few double team moves then Dynamite hits a superplex on Carabello for the win from the top rope. (3:00). The finish looked so good that the crowd gave them a standing ovation at the end of the match.
Thoughts: A very impressive showcase from the Bulldogs, who were rapidly becoming crowd favorites due to their moveset.
Piper’s Pit with guest The Dream Team airs is on immediately after the match. He puts them over then the Dream Team talk down the Bulldogs as they head up the aisle. The Bulldogs come over as Albano demands they give the Bulldogs the title, so the fans can see who is the best team in the world. Albano wants his team to have a chance and challenges them to a TV match as Piper says they should do it next week. Johnny V. said he will think it over then the teams get into a brief altercation.
The Savage vs. Steele match from SNME airs. This started the angle where Steele was infatuated with Elizabeth.
Steve Lombardi & Tiger Chung Lee & Dr. Midnight vs. Cousin Luke & Uncle Elmer & Hillbilly Jim
Dr. Midnight is dressed as a generic masked jobber. Jim slams Lombardi twice to start. Luke and Lee stare each other down then get to action. Luke hits a Polish Hammer then Elmer tags into the match. He knocks down Dr. Midnight, much to the delight of Vince. He then hits him with a corner splash and tags Jim, who finishes him off with an elbow drop (2:23).
Thoughts: This crowd was amped for the Hillbillies, but not as much as Vince.
Okerlund interviews Ricky Steamboat about his match against Don Muraco in Boston. He then interviews Bruno about his cage match against Piper.
Next week, the Dream Team will face the British Bulldogs in a non-title match. Also, “Adorable” Adrian Adonis and Hercules will be in action.
Final Thoughts: The big thing on this show was the announcement that WrestleMania 2 would be happening. They also set up a new Tag Title feud, which was much needed. Beyond that, not much else happened.