DDP Yoga BoD Club

Hey Scott,

I have a question to put to you and the rest of the blog. I'm a big proponent for yoga and especially DDP Yoga. I've been doing it now for about a year or two, though I admit that I haven't been very consistent with it. Not consistent enough to get all the results I could be getting from it. Blame my ADD and depression.

Now, I know we have a couple of members on here that are also doing it. So, I wanted to throw a suggestion out there: what if I started posting a thread, say, three times a week (M/W/F) to get people talking about what they did for their that day and where they're at in terms of progress. Not 100% on the format so far, but maybe remind people what they're supposed to do today according to the program's recommended schedule.

So, what say you? Or what does the blog say?

Nick Piers

DDP should start throwing some cash my way for all the press that his yoga gets here already.