Daily Network Thread – 4/8/14

The live stream schedule for today:

9:00 AM ET – RAW Flashback – 10/11/93 – Razor Ramon vs. Rick Martel for the IC title.
10:00 AM ET – RAW Flashback – 10/17/93 – Randy Savage-Crush confrontation.
11:00 AM ET – Wrestlemania XXX – 4/5/14 – Replay of this past Sunday’s PPV.
3:00 PM ET – No Way Out 2012 – 6/16/12 – John Cena vs. The Big Show in a Steel Cage Match; Kane vs. Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship.
6:00 PM ET – WCCW – 1/12/83 – Kevin Von Erich vs. King Kong Bundy; Brian Adias vs. Terry Gordy.
7:00 PM ET – Legends of Wrestlemania – 4/3/14 – Roundtable discussion of Wrestlemania legends and their greatest moments.
8:00 PM ET – WWE Main Event Live – 4/8/14 – The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family.
9:00 PM ET – Journey to Wrestlemania XXX: Daniel Bryan – Behind the scenes look at Daniel Bryan’s journey to Wrestlemania.
10:00 PM ET – WWE Countdown – Top ten most infamous gimmicks.
11:00 PM ET – WWE Main Event Replay – 4/8/14 – The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family.

With Wrestlemania behind them, hopefully the Network can get down to business of adding more features to the library. This is where a “Just Added” section would work, otherwise one needs to go to the category and scroll through all the stuff they have already watched to find if more have been added. With the 6-month commitment for the majority of it’s customers ending in August, keeping a lot of those has everything to do with adding more classic TV, so this means you can expect a lot more added between now and then.