Hall of Fame Thoughts?

Surprised there wasn’t a separate thread.

First of all, I bow to the awesomeness of MLB Advanced Media because this was a five-hour live packaged presentation that streamed BEAUTIFULLY…

Now the speeches:

Jake Roberts pretty much had me teared up. I knew it was going to happen. I had tissues for the reason. When he said he couldn’t play anymore I pretty much lost it. I’m happy he was around to see this day and I really don’t give a crap if the guy has had 30 million more chances than he deserved, it’s nice to see that people still cared about him long enough for him to start caring about himself again.

Razor Ramon was short like I figured but had a great ending and I loved the curtain call. Scott Hall looks really good too and that was nice to see. Frankly this night was as much about the amazing rehabilitative powers of DDP. Most of us had written of Jake a while ago and Scott Hall after that ESPN expose but DDP is just that good. Self high-five indeed.

Lita went a bit long and a little inside from an entertainment standpoint but it was genuine and for a first-time in a long dress she looked great. Fellas…you know you’d hit that and brag for life.

Carlito not giving a fuck was funny too. “And we got our time cut, it’s like I never left!”

And there was Mr. T. He definitely loves his momma. I mean he really loves his momma. He would probably still be telling us about how much he loved his momma had Kane not ushered him off the stage.

Speaking of Kane, I thought he did a good, classy job presenting Paul Bearer. Mixed in some gimmick, some humor, some thoughtful remarks and stories.

What do I say about Warrior. It was a lot to take. The good stuff is I love the fact that he thanked guys like Terry Gibbs for being the first guy that worked with him. And he thanked the ring crew and pushed for the people behind the scenes to gain some public acknowledgement on future shows. It’s pretty clear the DVD hurt him personally and it still probably stings. He mentioned that on more than one occasion. And no one wants to hear a two hour documentary devoted to how big of an asshole they are. There have probably been bigger assholes in the business that didn’t get torched like that. At times his speech got a little intense and you could tell he held back some feelings at times but he got through it. I feel like I need to listen to it multiple times to digest everything.