Black Scorpion/Muta

    I've been progressing through WCW ppvs from 88-90 (greatest period of tag team wrestling ever).  I'm up to Starrcade 90 and obviously it's the Black Scorpion!   Paul E is on commentary and makes a great comment about how he though Muta could've been the Scorpion since his past hatred of Sting.  Muta was AT Starrcade and wrestled 3 times in the tag tournament, so was ever any thought to Muta as Scorpion?   He could have had Funk or any angry heel speaking the English for him.  Could you imagine Scorpion hitting a moonsault to win the title and then pulling off the mask and blowing green mist!?!?    I know the answer will probably be, "because WCW" but any rumors to this or was Paul E a better booker on commentary?

I could roll a pair of dice and be a better booker than Ole Anderson was in that period.
There was no thought given to Muta that I know of, although holy cow that would have been awesome.  It was always Al Perez or Dave Sheldon they had in mind.  Because WCW.