Stranger Things Presents: EASTERN Championship Wrestling 10-12-93

A guy from 1993 turning on his TV on a Tuesday night in Philly, sees the opening video: “What is this wrestling show that shows women getting their clothes torn off, guys falling off balconies, and people throwing fireballs? Hmmm, this is different”.

Originally airing 10/12/93. From the ECW Arena in Philadelphia. Your commentators are Joey Styles and Paul E. Dangerously.

Match #1: Abdullah the Butcher, Terry Funk and J.T. Smith vs. Jimmy Snuka, Don Muraco and Kevin Sullivan.

We immediately cut to a brawl in and around the ring between all six guys. Funk and Abdullah are throwing chairs in the ring. Just when it seems like order is restored, Sullivan steps out to the floor and he and Abdullah start to brawl. In the ring, Smith goes at it with Muraco, with Funk and Snuka pairing off. Muraco goes down after a series of headbutts from Smith. Funk is outside and holds Sullivan for a chairshot from Abdullah. Holy fuck, does Abdullah have some deep, deep grooves on his head. Now Sullivan pulls Smith outside, while Abdullah hammers on Snuka inside. Sullivan takes Smith to a pole on the outside. Muraco crotches Funk on the corner post. On the floor, Sullivan whips Smith into a Muraco clothesline, which gets the 360 sell from Smith. Now everybody is in the ring at once. Muraco takes a chair to Smith’s wrapped leg. Muraco holds Funk for Snuka, who gets out the powder. But Funk dodges and Muraco gets the powder in the eyes intead. Smith “rolls up” Muraco in the ugliest inside cradle I have ever seen. 1…2…3! *1/2

WINNERS: Abdullah the Butcher, Terry Funk and J.T. Smith. Just a wild, ugly brawl. J.T. Smith sold like a champ, while everyone else just lumbered aimlessly around. Muraco looked in horrible shape here.

Tommy Dreamer cuts a promo, with the gist being that he makes his NWA debut on the next episode against The Tazmaniac.

Next, we recap Sabu’s debut from last week, putting over his violent nature in the ring. The clip of one fan running THE FUCK away from a chair-throwing Sabu is hilarious. They cut to ECW owner Tod Gordon with Jay Sulli. Gordon says that they have never received more reaction to anyone like the reaction to Sabu. The NWA has stepped in and announced that Sabu has been banned from TV until they review the tapes. Hunter Q. Robbins III shows up and complains of the treatment. Gordon goes on to say that Sabu can appear at non-televised events, just not TV. Now Paul E. steps in and sticks up for Sabu, calling Gordon prejudiced. Gordon recalls a time when Paul E. nailed him with his phone, but let it slide. Paul takes Robbins aside and has an idea, then they leave.

Match #2: Molly McShane vs. Malia Hosaka.

The match starts with some back and forth chain wrestling. Hosaka takes over with an armbar. Mcshane reverses a whip to the corner, but a charge meets a spin kick from Hosaka. That gets a 2. McShane gets off a snap suplex for 2. Now we get the hair whip from Hosaka. They take turns going up and over off the ropes, until McShane gets a takedown. Whip off the ropes, and McShane hits a flying back elbow. Scoop and a slam for McShane for a 1 count. McShane misses a cross body off the top. Hosaka goes up and hits a somersault senton for the 1…2…3. **1/2

WINNER: Malia Hosaka. Not a bad women’s match here. Hosaka was definitely talented at a time when North American women’s wrestling was almost nonexistent.

The Bad Breed, Axl & Ian Rotten, cut a promo on Badd Company, who they are facing tonight. Now, to me, The Bad Breed appear to be Nasty Boy copycats trying to be British anarchists, due to the Union Jack on the tights. However, neither guy speaks with a British accent, which might make them British anarchist wannabes. They should have tried a Sean Connery accent just to confuse themselves even more.

Match #3: Badd Company (Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond) vs. The Bad Breed (Axl & Ian Rotten).

The match starts with Diamond and Ian Rotten. Lock up and we get a clean break on the ropes. Another lock up and they trade arm locks. Diamond flips out but meets a right hand that puts him down. Headlock by Ian, as Diamond pushes him off the ropes, up and over, and a hiptoss for Diamond, then a slam. There’s a slam for Axl who comes in. Then Diamond hits Axl with a spin kick that puts him out. Axl comes in, and Diamond tags out to Tanaka. Tanaka confounds Axl with karate poses, and then gets taken down with kicks. Axl with a side headlock, Tanaka pushes off to the ropes, shoulder block from Axl puts him down. Axl runs the ropes, but Tanaka hits a flying chop to put him  down. Tag to Diamond, who hits a spin kick to Axl in the corner. Diamond hits the armlock on the mat. Axl elbows Diamond in the head then  he and Ian hit the double team elbow for 2. A corner charge by Ian hits boot, and Diamond hits a sweet bulldog off the middle. Tag to Tanaka, and The Bad Breed quickly take over with some corner double teaming. Cover…1…2…foot on the rope. Axl hits the nerve pinch, as he and Ian switch off behind the ref’s back. Corner splash for Ian. Tanaka reverses a corner whip, but puts his head down, and Ian bounces back with a clothesline. Ian hits a Bonzai Drop from the top rope, and then dumps him out, where Axl works Tanaka over. Back in the ring, Ian goes up and misses a splash. Tanaka makes the hot tag to Diamond. He hits a gourdbuster on Ian, and then a DDT on Axl. Double superkick to Ian. Then they hit the doubleteam leapfrog guillotine, leading to Diamond hitting a back suplex for the 1….2….3. ***

WINNERS: Badd Company. I liked this match, as Badd Company hit some crisp double team moves. A good heat segment on Tanaka, and The Bad Breed were able to hold up their end of the bargain with some cheap heel moves. Well done.

Now to The Public Enemy out somewhere in tha hood, near the train tracks, where two white guys probably think people from tha hood hang out. They call out The Headhunters for backing out of a match with them, using the word “stoopid” a couple of times. They have a match with Badd Company next week.

Joey is back with The Rockin’ Rebel, who is shedding some crocodile tears for Salvatore Bellomo, as the fans are upset that he apparently ended Sal’s career. The Rebel tells the upset fans to step up and do something about it.

Match #4: Don E. Allen vs. The Rockin’ Rebel.

Chris Michaels is at ringside in The Rebel’s corner. The Rebel chokes Allen on the mat. Clothesline coming off the ropes, then to the corner for some trash talkin’. Rebel turns his back, Don E. climbs on it, but Rebel shrugs him off. Don E. hits a dropkick, then a second one before Rebel goes down. Rebel catches him off the ropes and hits a backbreaker. Whip off the ropes and there’s a spinebuster. 1…2…3.  1/2*

WINNER: The Rockin’ Rebel. This was just a big squash for The Rockin’ Rebel. Not much offense for Don E. and a couple of power moves for the Rebel.

After the match Rebel and Chris Michaels hit the ring for a promo. Rebel again reminds everyone that he took out Sal Bellomo, and he is sickened by all the kids with the “Get Well, Sal” signs. He even hates Chris Michaels’ kid. “I hate your kid, because he’s my kid and he’s a Sal Bellomo fan”. Can’t argue with that logic. Wait…what? Michaels tries to change the subject but the Rebel still hates the kids. Words get heated between the two, they feign punching each other, then Michaels turns to leave and the Rebel levels him from behind, then hits a short-arm clothesline. Rebel leaves the ring, but is attacked by a charging Michaels.

Then, this is all cut-off by “Matty in the House”? I don’t know who this guy is, but he is sitting in front of a production board stating that ECW wants to show the Michaels-Rebel brawl next week, but he wants to see it now, and since he has the remote, let’s roll it.

Match #5: Chris Michaels vs. The Rockin’ Rebel.

Joined in progress, with the Rebel hitting a clothesline from the apron to the floor on Michaels. Rebels rolls him back into the ring, and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Some heavy chops in the corner from the Rebel. Michaels reverses a corner whip and hits a clothesline on the rebound. In the corner, Michaels with some punches. The ref pulls him off more than once, and while the ref’s back is turned, the Rebel gets out the foreign object, nails Michaels, and gets the 1…2….3.  1/2*

WINNER: The Rockin’ Rebel. Not much to this match. The Rockin’ Rebel was a guy who had some good power, but sucked at promos. This match was about two moves for the Rebel, some punching from Michaels, and then the quick win. Not much else to it.

After the break, The Sandman and J.T. Smith announce they have a shot at the ECW Tag Team Championship against Tony Stetson and Johnny Hotbody.

Joey and Paul are backstage announcing next week’s card, and Paul is excited for Joey to wrap it up because he has some news. Paul says that next week not only will he have an update on the NWA’s ruling on Sabu, but he will announce the all new Dangerous Alliance, and then promptly quits as color commentator.

The Post-Game Opinion: An ugly six man brawl, a decent women’s match, a pretty good tag team match…..and the Rockin’ Rebel. Sabu debuted last week, and is already beginning to become the centerpiece for the whole thing. Paul Heyman had just taken over as head booker, and you can see that he was forming his vision for the company. I have been watching these shows with a 1993 wrestling scene frame of mind, and this was definitely not cookie cutter.