More Random Questions

What can I say…………watching the wwe network gets my mind racing.  Here's some more unrelated questions.

1.  Is it just me, or was 1997 an awesome year for the wwe?  I know ratings sucked, but after re-watching the ppv's, there was some awesome stuff going on.  You have Steve Austin just hitting it out of the park everytime he's on tv, his feud with Bret Hart, the I quit match at Wrestlemania, the hart foundation angle, the undertaker having consistantly good matches, they lay the foundation for Kane early in the year, Shawn Michaels being an awesome jerk, the formation of DX, Mick Foley coming into his own, the Rock starting to become The Rock,  and on and on.  Lots of great stuff if you ask me.  Does 1997 get the proper respect???

2.  Why didn't the WWE try to capitalize on WrestleMania 19 being Steve Austins last match???  Wasn't there big money & buyrates to be made off of the biggest star of all time calling it quits?  What am I missing here?

3.  What is Kurt Angle's legacy going to be?  His WWE career was relatively short (7 years) but man did he have some great matches.  Does being in TNA for so long + his sometimes crazy behavior hurt his legacy, or will he be remembered as great???

Thanks as always…………… reading your stuff.

1.  Totes magotes.  97 was an awesome time to be a fan, especially after the extended slog that 96 turned into in a lot of ways.  96 had some great matches and the birth of Stone Cold, but 97 was exciting and anarchic and just so DIFFERENT from anything else I had been watching before that.  And considering all the people here pining for the Attitude Era again, I'd say it gets lots of respect.  I really wish they'd start getting to the RAW is WAR era on the Network already, though.  
2.  Austin didn't particularly think it would be his last last last, but I think he's also said he wanted to make sure it was about Rock when he went out.  
3.  I think he'll be remembered as a great wrestler who pissed away his chance at immortality because of all the crazy.  If he had stuck around WWE and stayed clean, he'd be in the Hall of Fame by now and probably would have made millions off a Streak match.