Match of the Day

Haven't had one of these in a while, it's Sting vs Scott Steiner from May 1996 Nitro, same Nitro that Mr. Hall makes his first appearance draped in denim.

This match is really good stuff, Sting busting out the plancha, Steiner with sick suplexes So, with that said, when did the injuries begin to take their toll on Steiner? His chest looks like he's already had at least one pectoral rip. Also, Sting's hair has gone away from the blonde, was this to prepare for the Crow Sting?

Oh yeah, Scott Steiner was running on fumes by then as far as injuries go.  The first muscle tear in 91 pretty seriously derailed him and then he got beat up after the WWF run and was pretty much done by the time the Steiners got back to WCW.  When Rick Steiner is left as the workhorse of the team you know you suck.  Sometime around his initial push as WHITE THUNDER he had to have his ankle fused into walking position and frankly I don't even know how managed to do slams without his arms ripping off like he was a weightlifter in the All Drug Olympics.  Which is too bad because clearly the Freakzilla character combined with 91-93 All American wrestler Scott Steiner would have been a license to print money on top of the WWF.  He just wasn't able to find his true calling before his body fell apart.