Brock v Taker – UFC to WM

Hey Scott;

Why do you suppose it is that in the build for Brock/Taker there's been no mention of the brief encounter between the 2 after Brock's loss at UFC 121?

I understand that the footage isn't their's to use (though I just listened to an interview with Ariel where he said he'd happily open that door for them) but I mean not even a mention by Heyman or have Cole at least bring it up.

Whether you think it was legit or a work, it would still give the feud a feel of realism since it took place outside the WWE umbrella and could show that this has been building for a long time.

My only thought is that they don't like it as it shows UT out of character and even if they don't use the footage, they don't want people going and looking for it on YouTube.  But that seems like a small issue to potentially add to what has been a pretty boring build.


I think that out of all the issues with the feud and buildup, that is the least of them.  For instance, what exactly was the point of Brock v. Big Show at Royal Rumble?  Show just came back like nothing happened and it was never mentioned again.