Bo and Bray

Hello from your friends at @Wrestling617!

A thought while watching Bo Dallas wrap up his NXT run.

Could we see him bring the Bo-lievers gimmick up with him and have it (intentionally) fail miserably… Only to see him 'saved' by brother Bray and make Bo Wyatt the 4th man?

Would also set up a new 'leader' if the time ever comes to turn Bray face.

I'm not opposed to adding him to the Wyatt Family as the screwup brother of Bray so they have someone to take the bullet, but the Bo-Lievers deal just comes across as so minor-league and dated without the context of the Full Sail crowd.  Plus I really don't think Bo is ready for prime time yet, and not just in the intentional comedy way.  They already have enough clowns in the midcard and I just don't see the spot for Bo.  
But yeah, bringing him in as the spotlight-hogging younger brother might be something they could make work.