NXT: Vengeance – March 27, 2014

NXT Vengeance
Date: March 27, 2014
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Jason
Albert, Tom Phillips, Alex Riley
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Tonight is another of
those big shows for NXT called Vengeance. The idea here is a bunch
of long standing feuds or rematches, such as Neville vs. Dallas II in
the main event. Other than that we have Parker vs. Rawley, Natayla
vs. Charlotte and Breeze vs. Woods. NXT knows how to put on the big
shows like this so hopefully they continue the trend here. Let’s get
to it.

We open with a recap of
Arrival where Neville won the NXT Title in a ladder match and Bo
Dallas challenging for a rematch.
Opening sequence.
CJ Parker vs. Mojo
Parker is angry at
Rawley for polluting the planet, even though there’s no evidence of
him doing so. A kick to the head puts Mojo down and Parker hammers
away in the corner before shouting a lot. Rawley comes back with
right hands but misses a splash, giving CJ a two count. More left
hands in the corner have Rawley in trouble but Parker stops to show a
peace sign. Mojo chases him across the ring and nails a splash in
the other corner and Hyperdrive is good for the pin at 3:22.
Rating: D+.
Not much to this one but at least Rawley made a quick comeback and
destroyed Parker in relatively short order. Parker isn’t the kind of
guy who can be a physical threat to Rawley and thankfully he was
treated like nothing in the match here. The heel character is a good
idea but Parker just isn’t that good.
freaks out post match.
look back at Corey Graves attacking Sami Zayn last week and see Sami
getting a concussion test.
Tyler Breeze vs.
Xavier Woods
Woods looks ticked off
coming to the ring. Feeling out process to start until Woods grabs a
headlock and takes Breeze down with a headscissors. A catapult sends
Breeze into the corner for two but he nails Woods with a forearm for
two of his own. Woods gets all fired up but Tyler avoids the Honor
Roll. He tries snake eyes on Tyler but Breeze escapes and hits the
Beauty Shot for the pin at 3:53.
Rating: D+.
This didn’t work for me either as Breeze isn’t much to see in the
ring. Woods isn’t much better though as he just doesn’t work all
that well in the ring. Yeah he’s a smart guy but that doesn’t make
him anything special in the ring. I don’t see much of a future on
the main roster for either of these guys but Breeze is entertaining.
Dallas says he’ll get the title back tonight because it’s a wrestling
match instead of climbing monkey bars.
Tatsu vs. Corey Graves
is a rematch from a few weeks ago when Graves attacked Tatsu before
the bell and got an easy pin. Yoshi hammers away in the corner to
start and nails a LOUD chop. A quick cross body gets two on Corey
but he goes after Tatsu’s knee to take over. He cranks on a hold
before kicking the knee out one more time. Lucky 13 makes Yoshi tap
at 3:10.
Rating: D+.
This was barely long enough to rate as it was nothing more than a
squash. I’m not sure what happened to Tatsu as he wasn’t great but
he’s better than being a barely seen jobber on NXT. Graves still
doesn’t blow my skirt up. I know he’s very popular but I just don’t
get the huge appeal.
tells Sami to stay down.
vs. Charlotte
has Sasha Banks with her but Natalya one ups her with Bret Hart.
They hit the mat to start
but neither girl can gain control. Natalya grabs an armbar but gets
countered into a headscissors. Rene Young isn’t sure how to describe
her meeting Bret Hart but Natalya destroys Charlotte with a dropkick
to bail her out.
is flipped into the corner but clotheslines Natalya down to take
over. She goes after Natalya’s knee by kicking it in the corner and
crushing it against the mat. Natayla escapes a leg lock and goes for
the Sharpshooter but Charlotte is in the ropes. Another attempt
works but Sasha comes in for the DQ at 5:04.
Rating: C-.
Charlotte is getting better in the ring but this didn’t have the time
to go anywhere. That’s been a running trend tonight and I’m not
really caring for it. Charlotte isn’t her dad out there but she’s
very athletic and can do her gymnastics stuff well enough. That
makes me wonder why she’s going for the mat work instead. Hopefully
they’re not just going to try and make her like her dad.
says it’s not a ladder match tonight but he has the momentum and the
title, so nothing changes tonight.
Title: Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville
is defending. Bo tries some fast pins but Neville gets out, sending
Dallas running to the corner. Dallas whips Neville across the ring
but the champion flips forward and hits a middle rope dropkick. Bo
heads outside but Neville takes him down with a BIG dive. Neville
loads up another dive but gets shoved to the floor to give Bo an
opening. A hard clothesline drops Neville again and Bo takes him
inside for some knee drops.
take a break and come back with Dallas nailing another clothesline
for two. Frustration sets in off the kickouts but he’s able to sit
down to block a sunset flip. The referee catches Bo holding the
ropes though and Neville pulls him down for two. Neville escapes an
Impaler DDT and hits a HUGE springboard forearm for two. They trade
hard shots to the face and the referee is nearly bumped.
gets two off a rollup but an enziguri from the apron sets up the Red
Arrow. The splash hits knees though and both guys are down. Dallas
is up first and tries his DDT but has to avoid a hard charge into the
corner. The champ gets a kick to Dallas’ head though and a reverse
450 (as in his back was to the ring and he threw his feet into the
air before flipping over and landing on Dallas) retains at 12:50.
Rating: C+.
Good but not great match here with both guys looking more above
average than good. Dallas
just doesn’t have the spark anymore after losing the title, but that
was bound to happen when his magic was broken. It’s a good match and
by far the best of the night but that didn’t save the rest of the
Overall Rating: C-.
The show wasn’t terrible overall but it really didn’t do much for me.
This felt like a show without much effort put into the creative
process and they even admitted that it was comprised of mostly
rematches. Neville vs. Dallas didn’t feel exciting at all here and
while it was ok, it really didn’t make me care to see much more of
Adrian. This was one of their worst shows in awhile, but hopefully
things pick up next week. Unlike other promotions though, I fully
believe NXT can do it.
Mojo Rawley b. CJ
Parker – Hyperdrive
Tyler Breeze b. Xavier
Woods – Beauty Shot
Corey Graves b. Yoshi
Tatsu – Lucky 13
Natalya b. Charlotte
via DQ when Sasha Banks interfered
Adrian Neville b. Bo
Dallas – Reverse 450
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