Question for your website

Its 13 years since wcw died. What do you remember about the final nitro? Here is the final nitro from youtube: 

The wwf raw from that night is on the network too.

I was paying so little attention to WCW at that point that I don't think I can even remember anything about the final Nitro outside of the Flair-Sting match.  Nitro was just never a part of my experience as a fan because we didn't get it in Canada, and so I never had any particular nostalgia for it like a lot of other people do.  I was much sadder about the end of WCW Saturday Night and Worldwide, for instance, shows that I had been weaned on as a fan since the 80s.  
I'll probably redo the RAW from that night pretty quick, though.  I've been wanting to revisit it.