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Reasons for WWE Inducting Scott Hall into the Hall of Fame as “Razor Ramon?”

The reasons that the WWE chose to induct him as the Razor Ramon character is that Vince is really proud of the fact that Razor was one of the first heel characters that the crowd loved and that they can always induct him into the Hall of Fame later on as Scott Hall, as part of the Outsiders.

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Christian Update

The reason that Christian was pulled from the Intercontinental Title match on “Main Event” was that he suffered a “slight” concussion. He will be held out of action until he can pass the Impact testing.

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Another Team Added to the WrestleMania Tag Team Title Match

Los Matadores have been added to the match, which will also feature Curtis Axel & Ryback and the Real Americans against the Usos.

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Who Will be Inducting Lita into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Lita will be inducted by Trish Stratus

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“Kayfabe Commentaries” Announces Release Date of Their Next “Guest Booker” Release

“Screwing Bret” with Bruce Prichard, will be released on May 13th