QOTD 125: Dem damn gimmicks.

What are your favorite gimmicks? 

The “all you can eat” buffet? 

Light up sneakers?

Petting (or hand shaking) zoos? 

Beaver Cleaver?

Elimination Chamber?

Money in the Bank?

Tag Ropes? 

Lets face it, gimmicks are either kind of cool, or really stupid, which kind of makes them cool – sort of like the double down or the McDLT (The “cold” side is hot and the “hot” side is hot!). Some of my favorites include the key-ring friendly short pen, soap on a stick, and the Wii’s motion controls.

Talk about gimmicks, that thing sold like gangbusters based on a little magic and some programming voodoo. How many folks do *you* know that have owned a Wii, Wii sports, and that’s it?

What about in pro wrestling? I’m a big fan of the bionic arm gimmick I think Luger and Bob Holly had for awhile, and have always generally dug the New Age Outlaw’s silly routine even though it’s a nostalgia act more or less these days.

Beyond that, I kind of always wanted to get an LED display to put in my rear-view mirror that I can program to give a thumbs up or the finger, depending on what the car behind me was doing.

But my favorite gimmick has to be Gwar’s. Gwar has always been tongue and cheek, and I appreciate it. They started out as art students I think, and it turns out all their albums are interconnected and simply insane to listen to in chronological order. Toss in a crazy stage show and a song about it was THEY who brought Atlantis down so hard, you gotta give them the edge.  Kiss had the makeup and the boots, but Gwar had the real balls.

What say you, Doom Bots?