Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy BoD’ers!

Speaking of Phil Hickerson, look at him schooling these two kids Jim and Steve. What the hell would they ever amount to anyway?

Not much to talk about this week. Waiting for the next big thing to pop up on the Network whether it be Shotgun Saturday Night, old AWA shows, Wrestling Challenges from the 80s or NWA Worldwide. I need something though. I might review Wrestlemania 28 this week if I can find the four-hour block to watch it.

Wrestlemania buildup just continues to be rough. And the idea of Billy Gunn and The Roadie trying to leech off of a hot act like the Shield is HIGHLY annoying unless they just don’t get any offense EVER. Like every match should be Gunn and Dogg taking ridiculous ass kickings and Reigns putting his foot on both of their chests for victories. Obviously the RIGHT choice was Harper and Rowan but hell I would’ve taken Ryback and Axel because at least they could benefit from a program with the Shield and gain a little traction.

This might be HHH’s true issue. He needs new, younger friends. All of his buds are in their 40s or 50s. Sheamus is like his only friend under 40.

Oh well the rain cancel my son’s baseball game tonight so I’ll try to labor through as much of this marathon RAW as I can. Watching those 1993 RAWs and even back when I did NWA Worldwide made me appreciate the joys of an hour-long show.

So enjoy this and come out swinging but by all means try to keep it clean!