Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan in the opener…..

Scott, what is your opinion on HHH and Daniel Bryan certain jerking? Prior to last week, it wouldn’t have made sense because it would have given Bryan a lot of rest if he were to win. But now that HHH believes he’s going to be in the title match, it makes perfect sense from a storyline standpoint that HHH would want as much rest as he could get. I also believe it would start the show off with a giant bang and get the fans invested into the show right off the bat (which is something they’ve struggled doing ever since they got rid of the MITB ladder match). I believe it would be the most logical thing to do.

I'm pretty sure that the Andre Rousimoff Memorial BAttle Royal (The ARMBAR, tm Justin Shapiro) is opening the show, in the grand tradition of Wrestlemania IV.  I'd run HHH-Bryan back to back with the title match just to really fuck with Bryan by having their be no rest for him and thus no apparent chance for him to win at all.  Which of course there isn't.