Fwd: Wyatt Converts?

Do you think the failure of the Bryan heel turn has closed the door on any new Wyatt Family members? I kind of feel like Bray could use a few more followers to cement the Raven-meets-Waylon-Mercy aspect of his character, and it would be a good use for guys who aren't really doing anything: Brodus Clay, Zack Ryder, etc.

Do you think that would be a good direction for the Wyatts, or do you think they're better off sticking to just the three guys? Also, if they did add new members, who would you consider the prime candidates? Would you bring up NXT guys and introduce them as new characters, or would you have known characters fall under Bray's spell?

I thought that Daniel Wyatt was great in THEORY, but it was just the wrong guy at the wrong time.   Do it with, say, Punk and it works 100 times better.  Or Cena, if he would let himself go that route with his character.  But people wanted to see a specific character arc for Bryan, and this was so not it.