Monday Nitro – October 26, 1998

Nitro #160
October 26, 1998
America West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona
Mike Tenay, Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Bobby Heenan
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Havoc is over and not a lot has changed. Hogan beat Warrior in one
of the worst matches of all time, Goldberg kept the World Title in a
good match over Diamond Dallas Page, Rick Steiner is still an idiot
(though he won the Tag Team Titles in one of the only changes) and
Nash walked away instead of beating Hall. We’re four weeks away from
World War 3 which will set up Starrcade. Let’s get to it.

open with stills of Bret vs. Sting from last night.
talks about the overrun from last night, saying about 10-20% of the
houses didn’t see the end of Hogan vs. Warrior or the title match.
WCW has held meetings all day and came up with two options. One
would be giving away the replay for free. Quote: “No. A lot of
fans bought the show and saw all eleven matches. We don’t want to
give the whole thing away for free.” Nice to see them just say “we
want your money instead of making it right.”
tonight at 9pm we’re going to see the World Title match in full.
Tony insists this isn’t a ratings ploy and proves it by saying the
match will start at 9pm rather than the end of the show. Why not
have a meeting to find out who decided Tony should say this on air
and have them listen to how stupid it sounded? Larry says sometimes
technology is out of control and just wait until the KY2 bug hits.
Wright vs. Stevie Ray
has dubbed himself the enforcer of the NWO. He runs over Kaos to
start and yells at the camera before kicking Kenny in the face.
Stevie misses an elbow drop as Tony drones on about the technical
issues. Kaos hits a springboard shoulder block for two but here’s
Buff to throw Stevie the Slap Jack. Kaos is knocked out and the Slap
Jack is enough for the pin.
Steiner comes in for the save as Tony says Rick single handed won the
titles. “It’s one of those things you only see when you watch a
WCW pay per view.” I wouldn’t be bragging about what you get when
you watch a show at this point Tony. Rick grabs the mic and says he
has to pick a partner, so if Kenny is interested in some revenge, he
can be a partner if he wants. Kaos says his partner is out with an
injury and it would be an honor to defend the titles with Rick. This
was always a bizarre choice to me as Kaos just lost a match and had
no history at all, so let’s make him a champion. Even the replay
shows him getting pinned.
vs. Prince Iaukea
is with Kanyon as Tony talks about the World Title match replay for
about the 6th time so far. However, even though it was
cut as well, we’re not going to see the end of Hogan vs. Warrior
because “it was too disgusting to show on television.” He’s
talking about Hogan failing to light Warrior on fire (the second time
he couldn’t get it to work if you’re counting), which happened after
the match. These jokes are writing themselves tonight.
does his schtick before the match and jumps Iaukea when he doesn’t
get the response he wants. Tony says they can’t show you the ending
to the Hogan match and Tenay adds that it’s not up to TNT standards.
Kanyon gets two off a rollup and puts on a chinlock until Iaukea
sends him to the floor. The Prince goes up top and dives at Kanyon,
despite him standing four feet from where Prince aimed. Prince
backdrops out of a piledriver on the steps to get the announcers
talking about the match for the first time. Back in and a
springboard flip attack gets two on Kanyon but he grabs the Flatliner
for the pin.
D+. This was better than I was
expecting but at the end of the day, Prince Iaukea isn’t going to win
a match on Nitro at this point. The flip dive did look cool but
there are a ton of guys on this roster that can do the exact same
thing. It’s always nice to see Kanyon get a win as well.
Nitro Girls are at the announcers’ desk.
calls the Horsemen to the ring. There’s no Mongo in sight and Flair
says he was a casualty in Vegas but will be back by the end of the
night. That’s an odd statement. Gene finds it interesting that
Bischoff isn’t trying to keep the Horsemen off TV but here’s Bischoff
in person. He says he’ll admit if he’s wrong, and he underestimated
how much Flair means to all of these people. The fans clearly want
to see him wrestle and that’s what Flair will be doing tonight.
Flair says line them up and he’ll be ready in ten minutes.
Party winner from Hampton, Virginia.
announcers talk about some of the other big matches last night and
show us stills of Nash vs. Hall.
Wright vs. Barry Horowitz
takes him down with ease to start but charges into an elbow in the
corner. A jumping kick to the face puts Barry down and Alex goes up,
only to jump into a boot. Barry
gets dropkicked off the top and a great looking neckbreaker gives
Wright the win.
look at stills from Hogan vs. Warrior. Of course this is ok to talk
about but Heaven forbid we show it.
vs. Sick Boy
Boy actually drops Wrath with a spinwheel kick but Wrath chops him
back into the corner. Wrath puts on a chinlock before throwing Sick
Boy out to the floor. A slingshot shoulder block gets two on Sick
Boy but he comes back with a suplex into a swinging neckbreaker.
Wrath completely no sells it to complete the squash.
#2 begins so here’s Goldberg vs. Page. I don’t feel like watching
this match twice in four days so this is copied and pasted from the
Halloween Havoc review.
World Title: Goldberg vs. Diamond Dallas Page
charges right at him a few times and is easily shoved away. An
armdrag frustrates Goldberg and they lock up before falling to the
floor without breaking it up. Back in and Page tries a legsweep but
Goldberg does a standing backflip to avoid it. Men his size should
not be able to do that. A bad looking cross armbreaker has Page in
trouble and Goldberg shoves him out of the ring to block the Diamond
in and Page takes him down into a hammerlock but a hard shoulder
block puts him on the floor. Page is able to snap Goldberg’s throat
across the top rope and he follows up with a swinging neckbreaker. A
Russian legsweep gets two and we hit a front facelock. Goldberg
knees his way out of it and hits a spinning neckbreaker to put Page
down. A hard hiptoss puts Page down and a side slam gets two for the
champion. Back to the cross armbreaker but Page makes the rope.
superkick sends Page flying but he sidesteps the spear, sending
Goldberg hard into the post. Page gets two off a flying clothesline
and the running DDT puts the champion down as well. He calls for the
Diamond Cutter but Goldberg nails him with the spear. It injures his
arm though and Goldberg can’t get the Jackhammer. Page slips behind
him and grabs the Diamond Cutter but both guys are down. The fans
are suddenly WAY into this as Page gets a very close two. Page tries
a suplex of his own but Goldberg counters into the Jackhammer to
retain the title.
It’s not a masterpiece but it’s definitely Goldberg’s best match
ever. The fans were buying into Page as a threat at the end of the
match and that’s more than can be said about the vast majority of
Goldberg’s opponents. To put it simply, this was a good wrestling
match. You can’t often say that about a WCW main event but that’s
what you had here.
helps Page up post match and poses to end the show.
announcers praise the match.
goes to Kevin Nash’s huge locker room to ask him about leaving Hall
laying last night and walking out on the match. Hall himself comes
in and Nash says it wasn’t about winning and losing. He’ll win when
Hall is his friend again. The audio keeps cutting in and out. Hall
says something I can’t make out but they shake hands, only to have
Giant sneak in (unless there’s another door to that room, Giant was
somehow hiding in there
and Nash never saw him) and help Hall throw Nash through a wall in a
good visual.
Girls video.
Girls dance.
likes UNICEF.
the NWO with Hogan looking thrilled. Bischoff talks about how great
his life is and presents Horace his shirt as the newest member of the
team. Hollywood throws in the weightlifting belt and it’s a big
celebration. Somehow this
takes almost six minutes.
Guerrero vs. Saturn
out process to start until Eddie takes him down by the arm. Saturn
comes back with an armdrag but Eddie complains of a hair pull. The
distraction lets Eddie take him down and stomp away at Saturn’s knee.
A backbreaker gets two for Eddie but he gets caught in a sitout
wheelbarrow slam for two by Saturn. Eddie’s tornado DDT is countered
into a northern lights suplex for two more but Eddie escapes a
vertical suplex into a rollup for yet another near fall. Saturn
comes back with a t-bone suplex and a brainbuster but the LWO runs in
for the DQ.
C+. The match was entertaining
as expected and the ending actually does something with the LWO for a
change. Until now they’ve all just been wearing the same shirt
without actually accomplishing anything. I’d like to see more of
this pairing and a finish but this advanced something.
LWO, including a new unnamed member, lay out Saturn so Eddie can hit
a frog splash.
Bagwell is here to talk about how bad her son has been lately. Gene
goes through the horrible things Buff have done lately and the
Bagwell Family is tired of it. She loves Marcus but is tired of
Buff. This was received about as well as you would expect.
Team Titles: Kenny Kaos/Rick Steiner vs. Giant/Stevie Ray
and Kaos are defending. Kaos goes after Stevie to start but Giant
adds in a kick from the apron. A superkick drops Kenny and the NWO
takes over. Off to Giant for a bearhug but Kenny gets over to the
corner and makes the tag to Rick. Giant splashes Rick in the corner
and chokes with a boot but charges into a boot from Rick. A top rope
shoulder gets two on Giant but he launches Rick to the floor on a
kickout. Stevie gets the tag and Kaos distracts Giant long enough
for Rick to bulldog Ray for the pin to retain.
D. At the end of the day, Kaos
just doesn’t fit in here. It’s like they drew a name out of a bowl
and made him a Tag Team Champion. The match wasn’t any good either
as it was Kaos being treated like the jobber that he was and Rick
hitting a quick move to keep the titles.
#3 begins.
Bischoff has replaced Tenay on commentary and promises the best of
Ric Flair tonight. He has a video package of Hogan beating up Flair
from Bash at the Beach 1994 for the title. Tony praises Hogan and
calls Flair a coward but is embarrassed by what he said. Bischoff
says it’s proof that Flair will always play second fiddle to Hogan.
Title: Kidman vs. Juventud Guerrera
is defending. Neither guy can get control off a wristlock but Juvy
fires off elbows to the head and sends Kidman into the buckle. Juvy
goes up top and shoves Kidman down before getting two off a missile
dropkick. A brainbuster gets two more for the challenger and we hit
the chinlock. Kidman fights
up but gets caught in a Rocker Dropper for two. Juvy’s headscissors
is countered into a wheelbarrow slam for two more.
tries a belly to back suplex but gets countered into a sitout
bulldog, followed by a cross body for two. Juvy goes up but gets
dropkicked out of the air, setting up the Shooting Star. Guerrera is
able to get to his feet and crotch Kidman, followed by a top rope
hurricanrana for a VERY close two. Kidman counters a powerbomb into
the sitout powerbomb and the Shooting Star retains the title.
B-. This started a bit slow but
the ending sequence was great. Juvy looked great in the ring and
Kidman was in over his head for most of the match. The counter to
the powerbomb looked good and the Shooting Star was even better.
Kidman is nailing the division right now and having solid match after
solid match.
for Sting and Randy Savage tapes.
are Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell to brag about their physiques.
Bagwell says this is for the women: your job is to cook and clean and
take care of your man. Scott wants JJ Dillon out here right now
because he wants a match with Rick tonight. JJ comes to the ring and
Scott accuses him of thinking Rick is the better brother.
says he has no favorite but Scott wants to know why the new referee
came in to help Rick win because he thinks JJ had something to do
with it. JJ says buy the replay to see what happened. Scott stays
on it and JJ says he didn’t send the referee but would have if he had
the chance. Steiner kicks him in the gut and puts him in the
Recliner until security
makes a save.
the Warrior because this hasn’t gone on long enough. Hogan had the
chance to face a challenge last night but failed again. Last night
will haunt Hogan forever (understatement of the year) because there’s
a difference between beating someone up and defeating them. Warrior
beat Hogan up last night and the bull pinfall doesn’t change it.
Warrior calls himself a gatekeeper and says the time is near on the
same Warrior channel.
comes out and Warrior is ready to go but Horace stops his uncle from
getting in. Horace gets beaten up and sent to the floor. Giant
comes in and gets the same so Hogan gets in. Warrior ducks a big
boot and hits a shoulder to the ribs. Bischoff
is knocked off the apron and the NWO runs.
Luger/Konnan vs. Scott Steiner/Scott Hall
a brawl to start as the Wolfpack is out for revenge for Nash. Konnan
and Steiner fight to the floor with Konnan getting caught in the
Recliner outside. Steiner adds a chair to the ribs as Luger and Hall
fight in the aisle. I don’t think a bell ever rang so this isn’t
even a match. Steiner beats on Konnan in the ring but Konnan comes
back with a clothesline.
four guys go to the floor and Konnan gets laid out again. Luger gets
double teamed in the ring and a chair is brought in. Konnan comes in
for the save as there’s no referee in sight. Luger nails Hall with
the chair and Racks him but Steiner breaks it up and we take a break.
Not a match but a fun segment.
Title: Diamond Dallas Page vs. Bret Hart
is defending and gets a quick two after countering a slam. They
trade arm work until Page gets two off a rollup of his own. A
neckbreaker gets two more for Page but Bret knees him in the ribs.
Bret hammers away at the ribs and chokes on the ropes as the
announcers talk about Sting’s injuries last night. We hit the
chinlock on Page for a good while but he fights up with a jawbreaker
for two.
gets crotched on the top and Bret brings him down with a gorgeous
superplex. Hart misses a charge into the buckle to give Page two but
Bret scores with the legsweep and middle rope elbow. Page is up at
two and Bret is getting frustrated. Another jawbreaker has Bret in
trouble and Page rams him into the buckle. Bret counters with a low
blow that takes out both Page and the referee. The champ pulls out a
foreign object but Page ducks a big swing and hits the Diamond Cutter
for the pin and the title.
C-. This really didn’t do it
for me but it wasn’t horrible. It felt like they just wanted to get
the match over with but had to fill time. It’s nice to see Page get
a clean(ish) pin for a title and to take it off Bret who just didn’t
care at this point. The match didn’t work though as it just jumped
into the Bret control with very little beforehand.
goes off with chair shots post match and works over his knee before
putting on the Sharpshooter. Page’s screams really make it that much
better. Bret works the knee over with the chair even more until
Goldberg makes the save to end the show.
D+. You can see things
getting in trouble from here as the earlier matches were nothing to
see and the rest of the show felt like they were trying to figure out
what to do next. There was
some fallout from Halloween Havoc, but at the same time it was like
they had no idea where they wanted to go. That’s a problem going
into a big battle royal show as there’s no story to a match like
that. The show had good points but it didn’t work for the most part.
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