10 rapid fire Wrestlemania questions

I always enjoy when other people send these to you, so I thought I would take a stab at it. 10 Wrestlemania related questions. I am sure many have been asked before, but always a good read to see your responses

  1) Match/moment you most would have most wanted to see live?  

Randy Savage v. Ricky Steamboat at WM3.  That was a very special part of my childhood.  

2) Match you expected to hate that you liked the best?  

Shawn Michaels v. Undertaker from WM25.  I went in thinking it was pointless and wanting to hate it, and ended up giving it *****.  

3) Worst booking decision

HHH retaining over Randy Orton at WM25.  Should have been Orton's moment and made him into a superstar for good.  

  4) Best celebrity appearance  

Well you can't argue against the Donald Trump appearance as far as business goes.  

5) Most surprising moment  

Hulk Hogan returning at WM21 actually caught me completely off guard.  

6) Most under-rated match  

Hogan v. Slaughter never gets the attention it should.  

7) Most over-rated match  

I know a lot of people will say Savage v. Steamboat, but I think the Iron Man match has aged far worse.  And I'm pretty sure I WAY over-rated Cena-Rock I.  

8) Worst gimmick match  

Jake Roberts v. Rick Martel, blindfold match.  

9) The most disa


pointing match  

Mr Perfect v. Blue Blazer at WM5.  Should've had 10 minutes or so, especially on a FOUR HOUR show.  

10) Best main event match

Austin-Rock at X-7 like a mofo.