Opinion change on past rants

I just finished watching Vengeance 2002 and as becoming a habit with me while watching shows on The Network I checked out your rant on the show afterwards. From that review:

"Brock Lesnar is just not the guy to be putting the main event of the second-biggest show of the year, and he’s getting more exposed as not that guy with every match."

Would you like to take that back? Also what other opinions or predictions have you made in your reviews that you disagree with today?

A lot of them, I would suppose.  I say a lot of stupid shit during the course of a review because it's written on the fly.  
As for Brock, you also have to remember that he didn't become the megastar he is today until the UFC, and it really took until WM19 to fully legitimize him as a main event drawing card.  So I think I was right in that instance.   Clearly they should have pushed HHH even harder.