Montreal question (sorry!)

Hi Scott,

If I may continue to beat the long rotted corpse of the dead horse that is the Montreal Screwjob, I'd like to ask a question about it I've never heard adequately explained: why was Vince so hellbent on putting the belt on HBK at that Survivor Series? With Bret allegedly willing to drop the belt to basically literally anybody else, wouldn't it have saved Vince a monumental headache to just put the belt on, like, Taker or Vader or somebody and then transition the belt onto Shawn at the December PPV or even the next night on Raw? Vince had to have known he was nuking a bridge, so why was it SO goddamned important that Michaels and only Michaels take the belt from Bret?


Pretty sure it was just Vince's typical stubborn streak, in that the match was already booked and pretty anticipated by the fans.   And although Bret was willing to drop it to anyone, he was never asked to.  So clearly Vince only had Shawn in mind, no matter what.