Backlund and Meltzer

What is the deal with DAVE~! hating Backlund?  He was a legitimate amateur wrestling champion and could certainly go in the ring.  To this day, he is in tremendous shape.  Yet The Meltz has always despised him.  If anything, Backlund was much better suited to AWA or Japan, which are two styles that Meltzer has always preffered to WWF.  I don't get it.

Sometimes people just don't get along, I guess.  I know by the 90s Dave seemed to think that Backlund was selling out his legacy to be a clown for them, but the original run of Observer hate definitely seemed out of proportion to Backlund's annoying traits.  Certainly Bob didn't really deserve to be champion over Graham, but Dave held a grudge for a long time for some reason.