QOTD 117: Apocalyptically Speaking…

What’s your favorite fictional, post-apocalyptic future? I can’t get enough of em’. Fallout 3, Mad Max, Alien, Judge Dredd (The 2012 “Dredd” is fantastic, btw), hell, throw “Book of Eli” in there, too. 

Thus, three questions: 
1. What’s your favorite futuristic, post-world-go-boom setting in fiction? Or do you prefer the idea that Distopian comes from within, and think we’ll end up in a “Wall-E” kind of situation?

2. What’s your favorite depiction of this moment? You can say “Armageddon” but I get to beat you up.

3. What do you think is the most likely way humanity goes the way of the step-over toe hold? If you’re sciencey feel free to use actual stats and theories to blow our minds and shake us to our very core.
For whatever reason I tend to subscribe to the “Wall-E” theory – in that humans will become so self-reliant on technology that we eventually just stop doing things for ourselves, then WHAM, we get a “Post Man” style EMP or electronics-killing-macguffin, and we’re boned. 
I can’t speak to the why or how other than to suggest you take a gander at The Malthus Theory and The eventual outcome of the Bubonic Plague. 
Regarding the first question, I think that despite being a kind of a silly action comedy, “Terminator 3″‘s ending is so god damn perfect that it makes that movie completely worthwhile. Feel free to discuss. If anyone here has played “Shadowrun Returns” the world in that game is so rich and well written that you feel like you’re reading a fantastic sci-fi fantasy novel. And I HATE sci-fi fantasy novels. 
*bonus points if you get the reference in the picture.